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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

*Sigh* ... And I never thought I'd be here long enough to write this post. *grins*

Hi everyone! *waves* Perhaps I haven't been really active lately on the blog. Internet connection sucks, but then that's still not a valid reason. I feel ashamed in comparison to Comrade Cripple there. Wish I had half of his dedication and his ideas.

It's been a month already, so many things have happened. I have gone through quite a lot on this blog in such a short timespan. For the sake of being determined to see through the success of our new project... R.A.N.D.T.S., I ought to fulfill my duties here. *grins again*

Let's just say that I'm not a really experienced blogger. So I'm still learning from all of you. Perhaps I'm still observing and gathering new techniques that I can integrate into my style of blogging. In other words, I have the utmost admiration for all of my beloved RANDTSters, namely Jared and Henry *grins from ear-to-ear* ... because if not for them, I wouldn't be part of this... Perhaps not even blogging.

102 posts in a month??!! That's like, crazy. It took Random Rantings ages to reach the 100 mark. I don't know much about 1 month anniversaries, but I'm just finding an excuse to blog about something on here. *grins all over the face* Congratulations to all for a good effort and contribution to these crazily insane encouraging statistics and a pat on the back for a job well done *pats everyone on the back* (wonder how many hands I have, you thought I was going to grin again, huh? *grins* =P)

Hmmm... So since I have nothing better to write about such a glowing admiration of you guys, I present to you a little dedication:

There was a lean man named Maverick,
Whose command of English was terrific;
Little kittens he throws,
And he has corny toes;
That perculiar lean man named Maverick.

A man who calls himself Comrade,
Posted 24 posts but he's not mad!!!??
We all love his posts,
Let's all give him a toast;
A salute to the man called Comrade.

This girl from JB is called Melanie,
She'd give you a run for your money;
With her 30 comments!!!
For their attractive contents;
Not reading her posts would be felony.

There once was a girl named Huiwen,
Who's favorite number is "seven"; (i tink)
She takes interesting pictures,
Of hippos and dishes;
Go check out her posts if you haven't.

A good friend of mine named Yew,
He wanted to try something new;
He spiked up a fin,
And shaved himself clean;
And those just to mention a few.

Our Anime reviewer is Brian,
He studies about "Carbocations";
Once flew out of his car,
Once appeared in "The Star";
He's our Anime reviewer- Brian.

A girl I know who's called Wen Li,
She's the ultimate fan of S.H.E.,
Her real name is Lily,
She totally loves Hebe;
Hence the nickname "Helibely".

Member "One-Four" is called Kwatra,
That sounded like he's from "Sumatra"
He's Albert's best buddy,
He's loyal and funny;
God bless this good man called Kwatra.

There was a "nomadic" girl named Esther,
Who wondered, "What if the world spun faster?";
"Would this dangerous pace,"
"Fling us all out to space?"
That imaginative girl named Esther.

My university mate called Khael,
He drove through my heart a na-il (nail);
I said "How do you do?",
But he replied, "Who are you?";
"Same uni also tak kenal ar, Khael?" =P

Here is a girl named Jasmine,
Who happens to be number "fifteen";
She's cool and rambunctious,
What more, her blog's famous;
500 hits a day, just imagine!!!

Being our foreign connection, Tim,
The time zone is different for him;
He lives in America,
He blogs about Malaysia;
Though, I wish I knew more about him.

"Master Chief" is the name,
"Dark Crusade" is his game;
He's Jared's little brother,
He's none like any other;
Being the youngest, his claim to fame.

I may have left out some of you, and I apologize for that... Plus, did I ever mention this is my first attempt at a limerick? *grins*

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    Long live RANDTS!! We are going to last forever.

    [joe]: Maybe I'll stop posting insanely but I'm always going to be top poster. Lolz. Cheers

    [stmaverick]: Thanks for getting me on the wonderful blog called RANDTS. I also salute you for designing and administering RANDTS.

    [henry yew]: As the first guy to tell about RANDTS I thank you. I from the start you wanted me to join something legendary (at least I hope we will be, haha). I hope your depression is over now. May the Lord be with you.

    [melanie]: Nice work for bringing the hottest posts.

    [brian]: Thanks for spicing up RANDTS with anime.

    [esther]: Thanks for bringing your imagination here.

    [juggernaut]: It's a good thing I brought you here. Cheers my best buddy!

    [master chief]: Thanks for your inspiration.

    [wen li]: Thanks for the videos.

    [huiwen]: Nice photos. Keep it up.

    [khael]: Nice perspectives. I salute you.

    [tim]: Nice articles. I want to know more about America too. Cheers!

    [jasmine]: Thanks for joining RANDTS. May you bring many readers and bloggers here.

    [tot]: Where are you?  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    BTW I post like a madmen because I'm enjoying my holidays now. Come 26 March I'm starting my degree in Law everything will change but I'll still manage 1 post a day.

    Zomg. Lol  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Woi! Whats all this about me being from Sumatra! How did you know???!!!

    My maternal side IS from Sumatra. We own a Dairy and Chicken farm there!


    But seriously man! Good one!


  4. joe said...

    [comrade]: dude, salutes 2 u man. still, 1 post a day would b amazing

    [kwatra]: i was just finding something 2 rhyme with "kwatra". sounds kinda "srivijaya" lol.. whoa... i reali din noe tt. but tt just makes d poem more relevant. haha  

  5. Fusion16 said...

    In my defence, u have Jared and Egghead in ur batch to help u out as to who I am... =P  

  6. Fusion16 said...

    But sincerest apologies, mate... Hehe...  

  7. joe said...

    lol.. dun wori bout it. it was just 2 poke a little fun. =P  

  8. thwen said...


    Yes, I love the number 7! It's somewhat special, and it rhymes with huiwen, haha! Awww.... thanks so much for this dedication. Never expect a dedication from you...  

  9. joe said...

    lol, i actually stayed up d whole nite thinking about what to write for every1. haha. perhaps another 1 of my anti-boredom schemes =P  


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