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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Images (without Hui Wen) by huiwen7, and words by Albert (Comrade Cripple).

Satay that was served at my party.

The court awaits their General.

Some of my friends. From left. Kamindrah, Sutharan, Ashwin and Sugasini. The three guys were from my school and Suga is an old girl from SMK (P) Sri Aman. Suga is like the nicest girl around. Sutharan and Ashwin are really happening people. Kamindrah is more like the eccentric genius types.

Some of my other friends. From left, Balachander, Vimalan, Jaspreet and Siew Kong. Bala is like a gentle giant but no softie. Vim used to be a nerd (he's still a genius) but now could pass as a "mob" boss. Siew Kong is the tough guy-joker kind of person. They are all great actually.

My sister and friends. From left, Zalikha, Amy aka Eima (my sis) and Diviya.

Prefects of SMK Sri Permata my school with the coolest mother and prefect teacher in the world.. From left Syateer (Head Prefect of 2004-2005), Chun Mun (Head Prefect of 2006-2007) and Barath (Prefectorial Committee MMember)

Close up of the prefects.

The coolest father ever.

From left, Bryan , Karen and Ashwin. All of them are ex-schoolmates I hope I didn't neglect them. =P


Henry helping me to speak with Brian (gungrave1988) who unfortunately couldn't make it.

Surfing RANDTS.

Original picture of the light.

RANDTS Hunter-Killer Guard. Lolz. =P

Hunter-Killers in a row with the cripple!?!!

The RANDTS 6. I hope we could have the RANDTS 16 + ?? in the future.

The founders of RANDTS.

RANDTSers hanging out in my room.

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  1. Maverick said...


    The pictures are up! Yaayyyyyyyyyyyy!

    I think Hui Wen's the only one who can actually make me look (quite) good in photographs. If I take pictures of myself - or if someone else helps me do it - it kinda turns out sucky. Maybe it's her natural touch with the camera - and a liberal sprinkling of Picasa, I suppose...? *wink*

    @comrade cripple,

    Thanks for your invitation, and the hospitality you showed us. We definitely need to make the next one on an even bigger scale. 18 people in 1 place? As they say, "Nothing is impossible, my friends!"

    Salutations, General!

    ~verus rara avis~  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Amen maverick.... Amen...  


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