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After reading the list of SPM top students of 2006 I noticed someone's name was missing. Where was Melisa Sia? For those of you who are blur, Melisa scored 16 A1s in the 2006 SPM. Certainly no mean feat that definitely deserves recognition. Melisa may not deserve to be the best SPM student of 2006 but she certainly belongs on that list. I know that all the people on the list will receive an award from the Examination Syndicate.

Melisa Sia with her parents.

Cynics can point out that the reason Melisa is not on the list is so that the Examination Syndicate's choices of 10 A1 scorers as top SPM students don't seem unwise. They are afraid Melisa will overshadow some of the top 100 SPM scorers.

Notwithstanding, I don't think Melisa should be bothered. The award given to the top 100 SPM scorers is not really meaningful in the first place. I know of five top SPM scorers of 2005 who failed to receive any government scholarship. One scored 14 A1s and was the top Malay student!! He's name is Ahnaf. There is also a boy named Han Ern who scored 12 A1s but was rejected by JPA on some technicality. The other three were from the disabled category,Alice ,Jaziel and Kah Yee. Ahnaf and Han Ern may have been rejected because they are Asean scholars studying in Singapore. Unfortunately for Kah Yee, Jaziel and Alice they just didn't get enough 'A's. What is the meaning of the top scorer award for these people?

From left, Sugasini (13 A1s), Esther Jack (15 A1s), Albert (11 A1s, disabled category), Ahnaf (14 A1s), Raja Ezman (11 A1s) & Jaziel Tan (disabled category).

As for me, I received the same award but had to fight for my JPA scholarship in the press. JPA didn't even want to even interview me at first. When I was rejected outright by JPA, I really felt betrayed. Luckily, through the help of our honourable Prime Minister I received my hard earned scholarship.

Do you see an inconsistency?

~multum in parvo~

(Images courtesy of Paper Napkin)

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  1. joe said...

    hmmm. i tot his name was "han ern"? anyways. i nvr knew bout dis. i guess tts d way d government works at times  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    [joe]: Lol, Harn Ern must be a stupid error on my part. And the government sometimes make deliberately stupid decisions especially Ahnaf's case, it borders absurdity. What happened to helping Malays?  


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