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Bliar the warmonger-cam whore, cam whoring while Baghdad burns.

I'm a cynic when it comes to politicians. While attending the KDU Law faculty briefing I was told that a law degree is the best path to politics. Corruption was registering in my head when I was thinking about politicians. Practically all politicians are hypocrites and liars.Try to prove me wrong! Here are some categories of evil misdeeds by politicians.
  1. Generals conduct wars but politicians are the warmongers. The illegal Iraq war is a testimony to all warmongering leaders. The traitor Bush wrought chaos and destruction on Iraq all for bloody oil. I would tell you that all wars are for selfish reasons. World War I was for utterly petty reasons e.g. jealousy. The Vietnam was a truly foolish endevour of muscle flexing. India and Pakistan almost annihilated each other over a terrorist attack that took a relatively insignificant number of lives. Therefore all politicians who advocate war are selfish murderers.
  2. Then we have the thieving kind of politician. These lowlifes steal from the public to feed their greed. Many people know Dick Cheney is super corrupt. We have the king of Swaziland bedding young girls and buying them luxury cars while his country gets decimated by Aids. Our country get ever more corrupt as the years go by. Our politicians are surely involved.
  3. Then of course there is hypocrisy. Bush has yo-yoed on policy all the time. We have Chinese pretending to be neutral while shielding Sudan against the wrath of the world for genocide. We have a whole range of leaders who scream slanderous rhetoric and then conveniently denying any wrongdoing e.g. our Tourism Minister. We also know all to well that election manifestos are all empty promises. Look at Indonesia, their president promised to stem corruption but nothing has changed. Indonesia is still hyper-corrupt. Does this ring a bell?
  4. Politicians also enjoy raping Mother Earth by proxy. The Japanese want to reintroduce whaling when whales are still very threatened all to inflate their ego. European fishing ships are overfishing the West African coastal waters with politicians helping them by blackmailing West Africa by putting sanctions on the table. All this because of being bribed by fishing companies. Our government (politicians) allowed the leatherback turtle to go extinct locally.

Politicians = principled leaders? Think again....

~multum in parvo~

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Berdie! Re edit your post! Lots of spelling errors wor!

    Who the hell is Bliar?
    and whats a waa?  


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