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From The Star Online:

Me married? Just rumours, says PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi laughed off talk that he has recently got married, dismissing it as mere rumours.

The Prime Minister was in a jovial mood when asked about gossip on the Internet that he had gotten married.

Speculation that Abdullah had remarried or was about to do so has been rife after recent postings on the Net, especially after one blogger published a fictionalised movie poster with a picture of the Prime Minister posing with a woman.

Subsequently, the blogger posted his “wholehearted apology” which stated, among other things: “At this particular instant, I can only assume that the speculation is true until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, fictitious.”

Some of the postings also suggested that Abdullah was already married to the woman on Jan 22 while others claimed he was married on Feb 22.

To a question by a reporter whether he was planning to get married as spread by talk on the Internet, Abdullah replied : “Itu rumour, itu rumour.(That is a rumour).”

The reporter carefully broached the subject with the Prime Minister, who appeared amused during a press conference after a Bank Negara board of directors quarterly meeting.

Harap Datuk Seri tak marah. Rumour dalam Internet mengatakan Datuk Seri akan berkahwin (Hopefully, Datuk Seri will not be angry. There are rumours in the Internet saying that Datuk Seri is getting married),” said the reporter.

Abdullah drew laughter from the floor by replying : “You kata ini nak bagi I marah? That’s why you say harap I tak marah? Itu rumours, rumours, rumourslah. (Are you saying this to make me angry? That’s why you say ... hopefully I won’t be angry. They are rumours)

Pressed further on whether he was planning to get married in the near future, Abdullah said laughingly : “Rumours, rumours.”

The exchange of questions ended with the Prime Minister saying once again: “Rumour-lah” with a grin before asking to move on to another topic.

Ada lagi soalan lain?Siapa lagi nak kahwin? (Any other questions? Who else wants to get married),” he said in jest.
Pak Lah getting married again? Perhaps - but he's already dismissed the rumours as "just rumours". Strange? Indeed. I wonder.

What do you think?

~verus rara avis~

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    I don't think Pak Lah needs to remarry as it's an insult to his late wife.

    Just go strong Pak Lah!  

  2. kuffar lime said...

    Who cares anyway?  

  3. thwen said...

    Hmmm...this is going to be a BIG news. If he's going to remarry, let's hope his new wife won't be so much younger.  

  4. Maverick said...

    If you want a real shocker, go over to Google Image Search and look for "jean danker". According to the article by Malaysia-today that Susan Loone quoted in her post, she's supposedly the woman to whom he's getting married.

    But seriously, I don't think Pak Lah would marry a girl who featured once on the cover of an FHM publication. And if you're still wondering about the significance of that, Google "FHM" and find out yourself.

    PS - Comrade, the post says that rumours are rampant about Kak Endon actually endorsing the marriage herself before she passed away:

    "... It seems, according to the spin, Kak Endon told Pak Lah that if he ever gets lonely after she has gone then he should take Jean as his wife. ..."

    ~verus rara avis~  

  5. Comrade Cripple said...

    [stmaverick]: The Jean Danker you found on Google is not the woman Raja Petra was writing about. Kak Endon's widowed sister-in-law is not that young.  


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