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I can't sleep, so, I decided to post something random here.

I remember back in secondary school, we as teenagers will try to compete with fellow classmates in seeing who sleeps the latest at night and there are friends who I know who would end up not sleeping at all. Moreover, during exam season. Students enter the hall with dark circles around their eyes, looking dead like zombies and then complain about headache and wanting to sleep. Would it be because of stress that this is happening to teenagers? Physically, they are active by night but during the day, they are similar to bats; they sleep.

How precious is sleep anyway? If I had the chance to sleep for more than 14 hours, I wouldn't mind at all. What about sleeping for eternity? Just joking.. Sleep is when we put the mind at rest and leave all brain activities for the next day. Sleep is when we can dream about beautiful things and sleep is essential for better memory. Even lack of sleep can cause one to feel fatigue and lose concentration the next day. (Currently, really want to sleep but too many work to finish) Of course, one should not practise it all the time. What do you think a quick fix for at least 24 hours would be? Coffee perhaps? I don't think a cold shower would work, but then again, no harm trying. (At least it's better than an extremely hot shower)........

Another question: What is wrong with the weather? It has been raining every day and rain brought along it's 2 friends- thunder and lightning. At this time of year, shouldn't it be warm since it will be equinox soon? Oh well, Mother Nature is unpredictable now, don't you think?

(The time right now is 6.30 am. Fell asleep at 4.15am)

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  1. gungrave1988 said...

    I also have the same problem. Last night I only sleep for 45 minutes!!?! I was alright for my class the whole day but right now...i think i'll lay down for a while...Sometimes you just don't feel like sleeping...(-__-)"""Zzzz...Zzzz  

  2. thwen said...

    Oh well, things are going upside down these days... *sighs*  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    SLEEPING? Bah! A Waste of time!



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