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RANDTSers Meet

**Updated** (Second Time)

RANDTSers finally meet. From left. Albert Wong (comrade cripple), Jared Ee (stmaverick), Jaspreet Singh Kwatra (arbitary juggernaut), Hui Wen, Joe & Henry Yew. We are hoping for more in the future.

My barbecue party was a tremendous success. Everything worked out well last night because most of the guests came and they all had fun. I also discovered some dishonourable people (they failed to turn up and didn't tell me) last night but that's besides the point. The best part 6 RANDTSers were here at my party yesterday.

Jared (stmaverick), Henry, Joe, Hui Wen and Jaspreet (arbitary juggernaut) were all at the party. My other guests were just school friends and other friends (Suga, our soon to be 17th member & Sukanya). Jared, Henry and Joe came all the way down from Ipoh while Hui Wen travelled from Kajang. Jaspreet lives nearby.

Altogether we ate, chilled and had loads of fun. I would also like to apologise to all those I failed to entertain. Anyway, Henry and gang got me a lamp activated by touching the metal parts of it. It's pretty neat and now serves as my night lamp.

A lesson learnt from the party is to never have a barbecue. It's very tedious and certainly not worth the effort. A pizza or satay party will suffice.

Jared and gang even spend the night in my house. Although I didn't have mattresses for them, they told me they had a good rest. Looking at their faces as they walked towards the LRT station on their way home I knew they really had a good time. To me their willingness to come down from Ipoh was enough to make me ever happy for a long time and I'm certainly looking forward to a much larger RANDTS meeting in the future.

I'll be writing more about the party and posting pictures of the gathering once Hui Wen emails me her beautiful photos.

~multum in parvo~

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    Thats Pig Latin for ya!


    ~Homo sum; Humani nil a me alienum puto~
    -I am Human; and nothing Human is alien to me-  

  2. joe said...

    hey, tnx lots albert. glad d lamp does just fine. :D  

  3. eima said...

    i helped u barbecue and u didn't even thank me!!!  


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