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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert


The story behind RANDTS is, well, unlike any other. Here it is, as told from the perspectives of its three first members: Jared, Joe and Henry.

When we originally started this blog, we had no real idea about the direction it would take at all. What were we going to be blogging about, primarily? Torn between putting up a common theme and not setting one, the RANDTSters tossed ideas among themselves about what out common theme would be.

As the debate went on (and off, at times) the RANDTSters kept posting. We talked about things like politics and current issues:

At other times we talked about things that affect us as youths: exams, varsity life, relationships, and the things we love to do:
Sometimes we'd find something really interesting and post about cool things:
Photos are put up every so often:
Occasionally, we do showcase our creative sides:
And we even have our own in-house anime reviewer, GunGrave1988 aka Brian:
While other posts are just plain random:
That's when we realized the common theme for RANDTS would end up becoming something totally uncommon. Our randomness in posting had become a defining characteristic of our blog and its bloggers. United from different backgrounds and cultures, we'd come to have different interests and lifestyles; all of which are reflected in our posts.

Which brings us to the question: what does RANDTS really stand for?

Random Articulations: Nothing Different, Told Simply

... and that's the story of our blog. For the story of our bloggers, check this out: Introductions.

Hope you enjoy the posts here!

~verus rara avis~

6 mad rant(s):

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  1. Chong said...

    Hi RANDTSters, drop by to let you know that this site is offering RM0.99 domain name. So, it's now a good time to register a domain name for R.A.N.D.T.S. The sale is valid until 12 March 2007.

    Sorry for the late head-up.  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Guys the offer a ploy to sucker people. RM 0.99 for the first year and then RM 55.99 for each subsequent year. Don't be fooled!!!

    ~multum in parvo~  

  3. Chong said...

    Huh, are you sure that the RM0.99 domain name promotion was created to fool people? From what I've learnt, the normal price for a domain name bought through the site is RM55.99 per year. Please note that the price has been RM55.99 per domain per year for many years! Also, if you are the member of Webmaster Malaysia forum, you will know that the site offering the promotion is actually a reputable web hosting company in Malaysia.

    Unless you plan to stay on forever, the promotion will surely benefit RANTS. At least in the first year you will save RM50.00.

    By the way, I'm one of the people that get fooled by this promotion :P

    Disclosure: I didn't get paid by anyone for writing the comments. I sincerely suggested RANTS to buy a domain name since there's a great promotion. I respect your decision.  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    [chong]: I know you are from the Malaysia Students blog/website and have not been paid to promote web hosting. The thing is we don't need to host RANDTS on web hosting company server yet. I'm afraid making a rash decision for the sake of grabbing a promotion will be unwise. Anyway, we are called RANDTS not RANTS. =)

    [stmaverick]: We missed the promotion already but if we need web hosting I think we can get it after RANDTS gets more popular. I don't think web hosting for RANDTS is wise at the moment.  

  5. Chong said...

    Sorry for calling this site RANT. I've punished myself by repeating RANDTS in my mind for 100 times. :``(  

  6. joe said...

    hmmm, malaysia students blog... now tt's big time. hehe =)  


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