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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert


In the beginning, there was nothing but meaningless collections of randomly arranged bits and bytes, useless data that existed on a computer system somewhere in the world.

Then Maverick came and started the Project, metamorphosing data into information...

A group of friends and I had actually started a project of our own some time back. For reasons still mystifying to us, it failed; not as in a great-resounding-crash-from-the-heavens failure, but poisoned-and-slowly-dying kind of failure, which made it even harder to bear.

Hopefully, the lessons from that failure have been well-learnt, but before the smoke has even cleared we're embarking on another project - so grandiose in its scale of execution that it isn't a project anymore, it's the Project.

This is our Project, our RANDTS.

When people asked us, "Why are you doing this?", we really had only one intention in mind: fun. Then slowly as we really thought hard about the Project we realized that it would benefit us in many other ways than providing us something to do in our free time (not that many people have a lot of it).

For one, it would actually help loosely-connected bloggers develop friendships with each other; secondly, it would expose a lot of us to things we wouldn't normally blog about on our own. Thirdly the Project would also serve as a forum of sorts for our randomly generated ideas, thoughts and opinions, where we can discuss and talk about issues that are brought up here.

As the idea slowly developed and gained momentum, support from a number of bloggers I got to know helped push the idea out of its infancy into something more concrete. Now, here we stand: one blog, many bloggers, and even more ideas. I was torn between setting a common theme for the other bloggers here to follow, and giving them free rein on what they wanted to post. Perhaps, for now, I won't impose anything just yet.

Of course, these days bloggers have had it hard; the recent NSTP vs. Jeff-Ahiruddin case goes to show that there are limitations to what can and cannot be said on the Internet. While this landmark case is still in progress, its potential implications to bloggers in Malaysia are enormous. Although it goes without saying that one would hardly find such "controversial" content here on RANDTS, this case is still one to watch for the consequences it may bring to the Malaysian blogosphere.

Serious matters aside, I now declare this blog open to posting. Let the fun begin!

~verus rara avis~

P.S. - Maestros! I suggest beginning with a short, simple introductory post about yourself, your expectations from this blog, what you thought of the idea at first, etc. If you want to put up a really flowery post, by all means go ahead... *wink*

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  1. Liew Kei Fai said...


    Well guess I’ll be the first to comment on your introduction to a one of a kind blog......

    I think its a good idea since blogs are usually about the thoughts and experience of 1 person..but yours is about (if successful) a lot of individuals…
    I’ll be keeping tabs on your groups blog just to make sure you guys don’t slack..(Commitment is meant to last at least for a few years..correct?)

    For those who do not know these guys…well actually I’m only close to Jared and Guozzz
    Anyway, as I was typing if you knew these 2 people as I do then you’ll know there have something worth reading…why?...because you’ll be able to brush up your language skills.. and also your grammar..(I have at least used Microsoft Grammar Correction 4X since I started writing this Comment)

    Conclusion,(I have class at 8am tomorrow so I’ll end here) this is something worth working on. Anyone reading this should hurry up and add this webpage to your Favorites on your internet browser.


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