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Russian soldiers.

Strange things are occuring these days. According to the NGO Soldier's Mothers, Russian conscripts have been forced to sell their bodies. A certain 20 year old conscript repoeted he was forced to work as a male hooker. The story is found here.

The poor guy was apparently beaten up in order to force him to sell his body. It seems that Russian gays like submissive prostitutes. Soldier's Mothers also says this practice is routine. In a country where soldiers are paid like servants, prostitution has found its place (helping soldiers obtain more cash). Ironically, sodomy (going brokeback) is a crime. A recently planned Gay Pride was banned in Moscow too.

This revelation among many others comes as a blow to Russian pride. Last year there was an even more sickening case. Private Andrei Sychev was tied to a chair and beaten up by his comrades as a form of hazing. The 18 year old conscript was beaten so badly doctors had to amputate his genitals and legs. Only God and Pvt. Sychev knows what those homosexual sadists actually did. Pvt. Sychev (maybe we should call him Comrade Cripple) is now going to write a book about losing his manhood and legs. How sick can these Russians get?

In Russia males between the ages 18 and 27 are conscripted into the army. Typically only 9% are drafted. Faking of health and bribery is commonplace to avoid conscription. Who wants to join an army of deficients?


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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Picture this ...

    Hi! My name is Sergent Oloshnikev Vladskular from infantry division two western Russia. Would you like to see my 'Bazooka' ?



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