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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

For every good side for something or someone, there has got to be a bad side to balance the good side. Do you agree? It seems fairly impossible to have the goods only. When you talk about people, you see the good habits, the bad habits and probably how he or she can influence others. When you talk about inventions, you mention about the advantages and disadvantages brought to society. When you talk about social activities, you might wonder about how these activities bring benefits, harms and how it is affecting both younger and older generation.

I was working on a topic for my assignment which is 'Blogging' when I came to realise that my reasearch on internet sources showed that blogging brings more advantages and probably one or two disadvantages. It does impress me that there are scholarly journals and articles about blogging because at least, there are people in society who paid attention to bloggers- being curious about why they blog and how it benefits both bloggers and readers.

However, I wasn't able to find the effects of blogging posed on society and it made me wonder, how could we RANDTSters give a good impression to others, and if that was possible, what kind of 'side-effects' would there be? The 'wow' factor, how would it come about? What makes people (or readers) go 'WOOWW...' ? What is it that attract readers from all around the world? I refuse to believe that pictures is all you need to attract readers (although it seems quite true).

So, here we are under one blog with so many knowledgable bloggers, can we really be pioneers of our generation? The person who first said that the world is flat even had a hard time and when they said that the earth revolves around the sun and not the sun which revolves around the earth, it took decades before they realise that it was true. Alexander Graham Bell did not make people believe that we could communicate over a solid object with wires in a day, but what he did was historical and amazing. Nobody said that it was an easy task and not mentioned as a difficult task. All we need is enthusiasm and spirit to keep us rolling... (agree or disagree?)

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  1. joe said...

    honestly, i've pondered bout dis statement u made many times before ("What is it that attract readers from all around the world? I refuse to believe that pictures is all you need to attract readers (although it seems quite true).") while i was still with random rantings. i dun seem 2 have d answer 2 tt question either. do tell me if u find it... im curious  

  2. Henry Yew said...

    Well, to answer your question Joe, you'll need to answer this question yourself, what made you read other people's blogs?

    Sometimes it's difficult to answer the question of what makes readers come to read our posts so often. Some people are attracted to the style of writing, some attracted to the various issues covered by the blog, and some even come just to see how the blog is doing.  


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