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- Albert

Only One Channel.

Wowie! I see everyone, well almost, have already contributed. Anyhoo, my turn, I'd say!

Starting off, me name's Siti 'Afifah. Call me CT, Tot, Beluncas aka Lunc and other nicknames that can be derived from my name is fine by me.

Anytheway, I'm from Ipoh. Currently trying (and hoping) to finish my Foundation in Arts by this April. But at this moment, I'm lounging at home, praying for my friends to return to Ipoh ASAP...which reminds me, anyone out there interested in going out, please, pleeeaaassseee give me a call.

I am a self - confessed night owl who is addicted to Westlife and practically obsessed with Mark Feehily (google him for more info. Haha) A bookworm. A universal music lover. A duck lover. Tech ignorant...

I live by one principle : "Behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like crazy underneath"...

So yeah, you won't really get to see me panic unless it's a major crisis such as losing my Student ID on the eve of my last paper (it happened...)

...And I love the name Acland.

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  1. Albert (Comrade Cripple) said...

    One more victory for RANDTS! BTW we should get in touch through Friendster or something. Try searching on Friendster.  


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