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Anime Review : Pumpkin Scissors

I'm gonna review an anime called Pumpkin Scissors. It's a manga-turned-anime. The manga was created by Ryoutarou Iwanaga & the anime was produced by GONZO & AIC.

This anime is about the war between the Royal Empire & the Republic of Frost. After a 3 year war, an order to cease fire was signed between both sides. Unfortunately, both countries suffer the after effects of the war. Poverty, starvation & plagues scarred the lands. But worse of all, there are soldiers who refuse to give up being soldiers & ended up becoming bandits to make a living. That is why the Empire decided to organize a special section in the army to aid in war relief which was called Section 3, Pumpkin Scissors.

The name Pumpkin Scissors was created by 2nd Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin, the heir of the Malvin family,one of the Thirteen Appointed Families who contributed to the war.

*2nd Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin*

The Pumpkin resembles those who protect themselves from the law by doing injustice,taking advantage of people & disturbing the peace which is like the hard skin of the pumpkin. Section 3 is the Scissors who will cut through all the pumpkin layers that protecting them, making them vulnerable & punished them in the name of justice.

The story begins after the war in a village. The village was terrorized by a group of soldiers & Section 3, Pumpkin Scissors decided to look into this matter. After investigating, they realize that the enemy is not that easy to overcome. The soldiers were fully armed & they had a tank. Machs & Oreld,who were both Warrant Officer decided to call for backup to handle the problem but Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin insisted on attacking immediately.

*Machs, the nerd of the Pumpkin Scissors unit*

*Oreld, the cool guy who always wants to look good in front of the ladies*

Fortunately both of them manage to talk Alice out of it & decided to investigate the nearby village to see the damage they caused. Meanwhile in the village, a big guy by the name of Randel Oland, who was a veteran during the war with the rank of corporal came to the village for a meal. As he was having a meal, Alice,Machs & Oreld came into the inn & asked the inn keeper about the soldiers. Then Alice meet Oland & had this strange feeling that something was going to happen. Before she could say anything, a shoot was fired & the soldiers came to the village to ask for food.

The mayor of the village told them they were nothing left to give but the didn't believe what they said. Alice bravely stood in front of the enemy tank, declared them as a war aggravator & told them to surrender. Instead of surrendering, they shot something in the air & left. Everyone thought that it was a blank shot but later they found out it was a K-3 chemical round or Kirsche-3 round. It dispersed in the air & poisoned almost everyone in the village. Section 3 together with Corporal Randel Oland decided to fight back.

While Machs & Oreld handled the foot soldiers, Alice & Oland went to find the antidote for the poison. Later Oland told Alice to find the antidote while he handled the tank. Alice wanted to help but Oland insisted that he'll take care of it. He said that no normal man can face a tank but he can...

The reason why he can is because he is no ordinary soldier. He was part of an experimental unit know as the Invisible 9. They were special units that were created during the war to turn the tides around. He was part of a platoon named 901 ATT (Anti Tank Trooper). Together with his 13mm anti tank gun & his blue lantern, his units charged at tank without any fear, jump right on the tank & fire at point-blank range. Olands' units are also known as Gespenst Jäger, or Soldiers Ignorant of Death. They do not feel any pain due to the power of the blue lantern that shines on their body. They can get shot by a tank & still be walking forward towards the enemy!

*The 13mm anti tank gun also know as a "Door Knocker" (what a name)*

*The blue lantern with the cold,gloomy mist*

*Comes face to face with a tank*

*Shoots at point-blank range,which is the cabin where the driver will be*

The leader of the soldiers turn bandits, General Wolf was also part of the invisible 9. He was part of the platoon known as 903-CTT (Chemical Tactics Trooper) which is also know as Sowers of the Ashes of Death.. With the cooperation of Alice & Oland, they manage to defeat General Wolf & obtain the antidote. Later Oland was offered by Alice to join Pumpkin Scissors to do more war relief & create a better future for all.

In the later parts, they will begin to reveal Oland's dark past & a plot that is being schemed by an unknown organization who is threatening to disturb the peace of the country. Although the story moves very slowly but it explains every character in detail that it makes you want to appreciate every character in the anime. If your looking for an anime set in an after war situation full of action,drama & lovable characters, then this is the anime for you. Give it a try & tell me how is it. Till then, I think I'll take an afternoon nap....feeling kind of sleepy....(-__-)""Zzzz...Zzzz

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Where do i get the DoorKnocker?!!!!

    I WANT ONE!!!

    Pumpkin Scissors ROCKS!!!  

  2. gungrave1988 said...

    Lol....Did you watch it before? The way Oland kills with no mercy is scary but in a cool way...(Does that sound right?)  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Nope. actually i never heard of it. But i never did pay that much attention to anime before.

    I just want the Door Knocker! ;P  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    [gungrave1988]: Pumpkin Scissors seems good. Where did you get it from? A download or a DVD?  

  5. gungrave1988 said...

    I got it from a website. so far i've watched until episode 19. It's kind of nice. I download it from this website :

    Give it a try. It's quite a nice anime. I want to hear someone's opinion bout anime. (^__^)  


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