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Am I Stealing?

Is there anything wrong with downloading TV shows of the Internet using Bit Torrent? I need views on this issue. Personally I find it harmless.

Just take it this way, it is very irritating to be left behind compared to the Americans. Reading forums will be pain as you feel so left out. Besides that, you sometimes have to wait years to watch a new season!

Currently I download nine shows a week for me and my sister. They are 24, Heroes, Prison Break, Supernatural, Smallville, Desperate Housewives, House M.D, One Tree Hill and Ugly Betty (all American, lol). So, please give views about this "hobby".


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  1. joe said...

    downloads shld b ok i tink. let's c, the benefits of downloading... free viewing, u get a collection of ur favorites, promotes the tv series, relieves ur boredom... personally i download A LOT. As long as itz not hurting any1, y not?  

  2. gungrave1988 said...

    I definitely think there is nothing wrong with your hobby. I also do the same things. I download anime,games,manga,video,musics,movies & other stuff from the internet for free. I fully support your hobby. Downloading for free ROCKS!!?!

    p.s : I love the series Heroes too!!?! (^__^)  

  3. Melanie said...

    Downloading rocks!
    Please don't have any doubts about it.
    We should thank God for illegal downloads software.
    Btw, i dunno how to use bittorrent. Arggh!  

  4. joe said...

    [melanie]: yeah, tnk God 4 downloads, AVI files n MP3s... bittorrent is troublesome if u have a link which all d seeds r not online  

  5. Comrade Cripple said...

    Well, Bit Torrent is still very fast when I dowload files. Seems to work best on new files. I practically maximise my bandwith when I download. :p

    Btw, does anyone want a 101 guide to Bit Torrent?  


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