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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Not Just A Pretty Face

Dear blogger mates,

First of all, i just wanna give a HUGE HELLO!
Nice meeting you all here. Thanks to Jared for the invitation.

I'm Melanie from JB, just turned 18 last 20th December. I know. I'm so freaking young!
Currently doing my Upper 6 in a peacefull school called Sultan Ismail(aka SSI) where the school only cares about studies and NOT CC activities.
I'm in the arts stream now doing Econs, History and Malay Language studies.
Got pretty sick of science when i was in SPM year.

I've started blogging since 2004 when i am willingly to go on the net from the afternoon till the next morning and then continue going to school at 7am.
From Modblog to Moblog to Blogspot to RANDTS now.
In another word, i love blogging.
In my current blog, i blog bout almost anything at all.
From my life to movies to musics.
I design all of my blogskin with my Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0.
It's the only thing i'm good at beside camwhoring in front of the camera and singing.

Besides blogging, i love music.
I listen to all sorts of music. Especially soundtracks from One Tree Hill and The O.C and great vocals from Fefe Dobson, Gavin Degraw & etc...
And i kinda like singing too.
My cousin and i will normally get together and record song tunes and post it on the net.
For demo, visit my Imeem Profile.
Listen to the one with pictures.
We're both crazy when it comes to music.
I might not know how to play any instrument, but i would like to learn guitar one day when i'm free.
Life is just hectic in Form 6.

I have a bunch of beautiful friends. And we named ourselves, Radical Dreamers.
We're just beautiful.
Visit my blog for their beautiful faces.
And i can't deny that i'm beautiful too. I'm vain too.
But no worries, i ain't a BIMBO.
I'm good in HTMLs and Photoshopping. At least...

That's all for now.
Come back again for more of RANDTS.

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  1. Melanie said...

    Hurmp.. I think this blog can't upload Imeem. :(  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Your problem with Imeem is just a small issue.

    BTW welcome to RANDTS! I'm sure you're going to spice up things here. =)  

  3. Melanie said...

    I hope so.
    I feel so bimboish here.  


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