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CIMB Advertisement

My thoughts exactly: Talk to me about something, I'd probably be able to tell you my opinion. Give me a topic, I'd probably learn to write an essay out of it. If I were to figure out what to write on my own, I'd probably take ages.

Has anyone seen the CIMB advertisement? That is the most meaningful advertisement to me. And why is that so, you ask? That is because the advertisement projects the idea of 'Malaysia Boleh' (Malaysia can do it). It starts with Nicole David in a squash game, against another player from another country. At first, the other player scored a point but then, when Nicole David focused more in the game, she managed to score a point (and win in the end I think).

After that, there was three ships and one of the ships represents us, Malaysian. As the weather got worse with storms and rough ocean, the other two ships retreat but they continued the journey despite the obstacles. As a result, their catch of the day was a luxurious one.

Besides that, there were photographers in Africa (if I'm not mistaken). One of the photographers was Malaysian. An interesting event which took place was the delivery of parcels which I think was supplies and other things for the villagers. Most of the photographers took pictures of that event except one, and she took captured a picture which seemed more meaningful: the love portrayed by a mother to her infant.

Last but not least, there was a young man holding a transparency with a sketch of buildings. From that, I interpreted it as the future of what the young man is capable of. Perhaps how I explain it is not clear but look out for this advertisement. It is truly spectacular to me. I rate it 8.5 out of 10. Do you have any reviews to make about your favourite advertisement?

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  1. thwen said...

    Yup, I love the photographer one the most! *smiles*

    Petronas ads directed by Yasmin Ahmad are good as well.  

  2. gungrave1988 said...

    Yeah Petronas adds always have a good moral value in them. I liked the one about the guy on the LRT who ignored anyone who deserved his seat... I like the photographer one too! It was really touching...(T__T)  

  3. Maverick said...

    I've only seen the CIMB ad with the photographer thus far, but it's definitely one that's captivated my heart. I haven't seen the others though, because I rarely watch TV these days. :P

    ~verus rara avis~  

  4. Henry Yew said...

    The photographer part in the CIMB ad attracted me the most, as the picture itself delivers a far stronger and more vivid message than the others.

    This reminds me of a picture taken by a National Geographic photographer by the surname McCurry (if I am not mistaken). He is famous for his photograph of an Afghan girl whose sharp, glistening stare shook the whole world.

    Her eyes alone, though bore a very sharp stare, tell the people all over the world about the suffering that she had to go through in her younger days.

    Therefore, it proves that pictures speak louder than words.  

  5. Cheap Pharmacy Online said...

    I concur! Petronas ads directed by Yasmin Ahmad are good as well.  


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