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Anime Review : D.Grayman

Today i'm going to talk about an anime called D.Grayman.

D.Grayman is an anime created from a manga by the same title. For those who love Gothic fashion, you definitely must watch this anime. D.Grayman is basically about the war between the Black Priest from the Dark Religious Organization & the Earl, who controls an army of creatures known as Akumas & the Noah family. This anime focus a lot on the fate of one boy by the name of Allen Walker, the destroyer of time.

Allen Walker

In this anime, Akuma are souls of people who were revived by their loved ones, with the help of the Earl. The Earl comes to people who miss their loved ones & want them back. Then he will offer to bring their loved ones back & all they need to do is call for them. Of course, a deal is not a deal without a price. The one that is revived will be forced to kill their loved ones by the Earl & they will forever be cursed to be the servant of the Earl.

The Earl

No weapon of humanity can stop an Akuma, except the Innocence, a matter created by God that synchronizes with certain individuals.

The Innocence, a matter created by God....

Allen Walker is one of them. He is one of the Black Priest that was recently recruited by the Dark Religious Organization. He's weapon is a claw on his left hand & a cursed eye which can actually see the souls of Akuma. He wants to destroy all Akuma because he wants to free the soul of the Akuma.

Allen's Innocence, his left hand

The Cursed Eye

It's still an ongoing anime. I recommend that you watch this anime. You will not be disappointed. Till my next review, good night & sweet dreams. (^__^)

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