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A Venetian chastity belt.

Datuk Abu Hassan Din Al-Hafiz a well respected Muslim figure said chastity belts would protect victims and also help reduce sex crime rate according to this article in The Star.

He said rapes can be prevented by wearing protection. It may help in some cases but if a girl has a sick father the key to open her chastity can be easily obtained. At least it will offer some protection. I would also suggest we force sex offenders to wear chastity belts too. We could also just chop off a rapist's you know what.

Datuk Al-Hafiz also said chastity belts would will make husbands more secure. Come on, if you need wives to wear chastity belts, make husbands wear them too. After all men are surely more likely to have extra-marital sex (dispute my claim if you would like to). I despise double standards. Why is it women are always blamed for "sexual immorality"? Does it not take at least two to have sex? It can't be only women are only to be blamed.


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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Public Castration is the key to punishing these rapist scum.

    nuff said.  


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