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Sex in the Public Square

Sex has always been a taboo topic in Asian society. We shrink back from talking about it in public, discuss it in whispers in secret corners, giggling as we learn something "naughty".

Most boys probably only knew about sex through the distorted information they receive through their buddies, or even pornographic material. Girls... well, I can't say anything 'cos I grew up learning in all-boys schools from primary to secondary (perhaps
one of you could enlighten me what your 'early education' was like?).

Hence, what you get is a culture secretly obsessed with sex in every way, from the various positions available for practice to the "alternatives": oral, anal, bestial, etc. Yet we proudly wear our modesty on the outside, blanching the moment someone mentions the dreaded three-letter word.

Of course, it doesn't help that our education system barely touches on the issue. At most, in Form 5 Biology (I'm sure many students remember this part vividly) we were introduced to the human reproductive system. I wouldn't be surprised to find a teacher - or more - who was reluctant to teach this topic, especially if your class is a bunch of hormonally-charged students.

Moral education? Save your breath; other than being taught that this is good, and this is bad, and that you should memorize every single value taught in class word-for-word to get your A1, it doesn't touch on sex much. Issues? Yeah sure, but what's the point when students forget about them the moment the teacher leaves the classroom?

In an age where contraceptives are cheap and small enough to store in your pocket/ wallet/ handbag/ underwear, the youth views sex as a tool for fulfilment, for the quenching of their physical desire for another person. Quite often then, do we find relationships supposedly formed on the pretext of mutual love and affection, but are actually a way for one party (or both) to satiate their thirsts.

In short, sex has become degraded in the eyes of the youth. It's all about getting it off, using a woman as a toy (as shamelessly portrayed in many X-rated material). Makes you sick to your balls stomach, doesn't it?

Hence, I recommend reading this blog: Sex in the Public Square. It features many interesting discussions regarding things like homosexuality, sex and the family, the role of the law in protecting minors from exposure to sex, etc.

Besides that, what else could we do to ... enlighten, as it were, the youth about their misconceptions of sex, as well as introduce issues related to sex (and sexuality, for that matter) to them? I'd like to hear your opinions and thought about things.

~verus rara avis~

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    In the UK we have a lad by the name of Nick who has my disease. He has given all hope as he accepts that he is having a terminal illness. He got his wish to be deflowered by a "goddess" before he dies.  


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