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Just today, I read in The Star and there was an issue about caning students who have violated school rules, and that one of the parents even lodged a police report. Voilà! Fort intéressant, huh?

Once again, it is understood that this issue has been here or quite some time already, where there had been debates as to whether or not the stick should remain or go. Certain parties are certain that the stick must stay but some say that the stick must go.

Previously, when students commit an offence, the punishment is often one or two strokes of the cane at the hand or at the bottom. However, now, parents especially see that such a punishment is too harsh for their children and they feel broken-hearted to see that their children were caned by the teachers.

Still, please reflect about this. I'm sure that at some point you have been caned before, either by your teacher or your parents for some wrong-doing. With that, have you not become a better person?

Yet, many parents today are indignant and insist that schools do away with caning as they deem it too painful and perhaps even inhumane to the children. This issue was so bad that it even caught the attention of the Ministry of Education. And as of now, teachers are not authorised to cane students, for the exception of the discipline teachers and the principal.

But, with the caning gone, has the discipline level in schools improved? Personally, I see an increase in the rate of delinquency, an increase in social ills, an increase in immoral behaviour. These could most probably due to the fact that students know they will not receive the strokes of the cane even though they commit any offence, unless they are caught by the discipline teachers or the principal.

Human often learn by pain. It is through pain that an individual remembers that they are not supposed to do something or to repeat it in order to avoid the same pain. It is through the strokes of the cane that a student will learn not to play truant anymore, not to go against the teachers, etc.

Many would also argue that with the caning abolished, we could still improve discipline by rewarding those who constantly abide by the law, which prompts the following question: Will this not produce individuals who will abide by the law only when there is something good to possess? Wouldn't this produce more materialistic individuals?

We want people who will obey the law without seeking for any form of reward. It is OK to reward those who have constantly abide by the rules and regulations, but it is not advisable to let that be a habit, lest they become spoilt.

Ponder this point. The cane is a tool to discipline us. Provided that it is not abused, its usage is wise. People now insist that the government do away with the "stick" mainly because they fear its abuse. Yet, will the abuse of the "carrot" not produce the same effect?

I was brought up by the "stick" and many of you were, too, undoubtedly. We have also tasted the sweetness of the "carrot" at some point of our life, too. The best approach to disciplining the kids is to assimilate both the "stick" and the "carrot". The problem is that society tends to side either the "stick" or the "carrot", because to assimilate both isn't something easy to do, although it's much easier to say.

The "stick" should stay, whether we like it or not. Parents have to make some sacrifices when it comes to disciplining their children. Though it may break their heart to see their children being caned, they must understand that it is for the well-being of their next generation.

Even if people encourage the use of the "carrot", I would still vote that the "stick" must co-exist. Without the latter, would people appreciate the former? Assez dit.

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  1. Esther said...

    i think the stick should go...

    teachers may misuse them if they can't control themselves. of course there is the rule/ terms which the teachers have to follow when caning but what if there are grudges held on the particular student?

    i remember being caned by my teacher when i was in std. 2 and std. 3 for not finishing my homework. it did make me a better person but then again, it reminded me of how much i hated my teacher as well for always accusing me that i was lying of forgetting to finish them.

    you know, i think there should be a permission letter as in, whether the parents allow teachers to cane their sons/daughters if they do sthg seriously wrong.. *yup.. another whacky idea by me*

    human learn by pain, i agree.. human also learn when it's too late.. and because i hated pain, i remember throwing the canes my mum used to buy from the night market into the drain right outside my house. did i mention that i was a lil' kid around 3-4 in age? i hv my parents, brother and aunt telling me that since i don't remember the incident...

    since then, i was brought up by hanger.. haha.. well, i wasn't "caned" much. i learned of what is right and wrong by discovering them on my own. most of the time, it takes time to differentiate between wats right and wrong. believe me, i'm still learning...

    even if the cane doesn't go, and if students were to be caned, i think they shouldn't be caned in front of their friends but instead in the teacher's room. that child still need to study and LIVE in that school... so yeah.. (gosh, did i just write and essay?)  

  2. Henry Yew said...

    Very well written, Esther!

    It's OK if you can learn without the stick. And if everybody has the mentality like yours, the stick could just go forever!

    Unfortunately, different people have different attitudes, and some just need caning for correction.

    Permission letter? Well, the idea is not far-fetched, but if the student does commit a serious offence that is too heavy for demerit or counselling yet not heavy enough for expulsion, what type of punishment do you propose? Perhaps we can share ideas on this matter!

    You're not the only one who threw away the cane when you were young. I did, too! You remembered how much you hated your teacher for caning you. I did, too. But when you grow older, you start to realise things. She wasn't abusing you; she tried to get you back to earth.

    About the abusing part, everything is prone to abuse. It is out of our hands whether or not the cane will be abused by the teacher. But remember, it's only a small minority of people who abuse the cane.

    The status quo now is that teachers are not permitted to use the canes, except the principal and the discipline teachers. If the teacher things that an offence needs the caning penalty, they could always refer the offender to the principal or the discipline teachers.

    Of course, when we speak of caning, we don't refer to public caning (though I didn't make it clear). If caning is necessary, let it be in the principal's office or the discipline teacher's room, or somewhere else where people don't often pass by the area (e.g. classroom corridor).  

  3. Comrade Cripple said...

    It seems that Henry has reached a compromise. Keeping the status quo seems to be the be the best approach at the moment.

    Is fear of pain a good disciplinary tool? Sometimes it works but stubborn students are "immune" to pain.

    According to some studies in the developed world it seems caning (actually corporal punishment as a whole) causes psychological trauma in children. Some even claim "victims" of caning, spanking etc. become violent when they grow up.

    As far as I know the remaining developed countries that allow corporal punishment are Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. Lobbyist in Japan
    currently are trying to force politicians to outlaw corporal punishment.

    As for Western countries all forms of corporal punishment are banned. In the UK chaos has ensued. People there now are afraid of gangs of youths roaming the streets (mostly boys in their early teens who are often drunk). Gangs are going out of control in many schools with many cases of stabbings. In the US cases like the Columbine High School Massacre point to an even larger problem.

    So, which is the way out, to cane or not to cane?  

  4. Henry Yew said...

    [Comrade Cripple]: That is perhaps the most baffling question of all - to cane or not to cane.

    No, I didn't really come to a compromise to that status quo, but I've nothing really against it because the stick is still here at least. However, it'll be easier if the teachers were allowed to have the authority to cane, too. Still, I'm Ok with the status quo.  

  5. Esther said...

    'to cane or not to cane.....?' i think i'll agree with you two..  

  6. Comrade Cripple said...

    Perhaps I should have asked which school of thought is the best.

    I may have misinterpreted Henry's comment as I may have done in my A-Level History paper resulting in a 'C'.  

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