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Cut In

Chinese motorist queueing up for petrol.

I have just read this BBC News article which rings a chord.

"China has launched a campaign to try to eradicate queue-jumping in the capital ahead of the Olympic games in Beijing next year."

It seems that queue-jumping is a disease in China. I think it is no different here in Malaysia. The campaign was launched under the slogan: "It's civilised to queue, it's glorious to be polite." At least in China they are doing something about it unlike our country.

Another part of the article that was interesting was this quote.

"Another citizen, Pan Chunming, said: "The Olympics is coming... the foreigners will get a good impression of the Chinese if we behave ourselves." "

Does he mean that Chinese do not behave themselves? Do not get me wrong because the BBC journalist may have given a bad translation of Pan's Mandarin.

Another known fact is mainland Chinese love to spit. They find it very fashionable. Little do they know how uncouth their behaviour is. Littering is also another problem not unlike Malaysia. There have also been accounts (my relatives) of mainland Chinese relieving themselves in lifts.

Luckily for Malaysians only littering and queue-jumping is the problem unlike China. But we better buck up before China eradicates four of their problems first because if they change before us, we will be left in the hall of shame.


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  1. joe said...

    lining up can b a real hazard. lot of Malaysians (ppl in my uni) get on my nerves, especially at d atm machines. some guy actuali had d cheek 2 cut in frnt of me frm d other line. (we had 2 lines)... gosh he took ages 2 withdraw his money. i dun understd... shld it take more than 5 minutes 4 a person 2 withdraw 200 bucks???  

  2. Comrade said...

    People who cut lines are severed from civilised society in my opinion. I'll bet that the same "barbarian" would be weaving through lanes like a drunk seamstress in a traffic jam.  

  3. joe said...

    ironically, he studies civil engineering as his major. so much 4 being civil... haha  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    He actually wants to build for uncouth people. =p  


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