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Le bis

Hi, folks. I'm going to keep this as uncomplicated as I possibly can.

First up, the name's Khael. You can call me Khael. Don't matter to me how you pronounce it. Some call me Ka-el, some Ka-eel, some Kylie (?!), some... erm, I think you catch my drift. But really, as long as it sounds like a K, put together with a H-A-E and L, I'm OK with it.

See? I'm complicated, no?
Moving on......

I hail from the city of Ipoh, where I've lived for nearly 16 years. The other 3 years of my life were spent somewhere else. Long story...

I consider myself to be knowledgable in the field of football and nonsense. Yes. You read right. I consider myself an expert in nonsense. So, if you think you want to know about things you don't really want to know about, drop me a line.

Other things you should know about me is the fact that I am a mega-huge supporter of Man United and an ultra-massive fan of Keane. I also follow wrestling quite religiously, despite my physique being nowhere quite as impressive as theirs.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to exchanging our opinions here, despite me not knowing y'all personally, with the exception of Jared, Guo Zheng and Tim.


P.S. The title is intentionally French-ized. I have a habit of French-izing all my blog post titles, for reasons that I myself do not know...

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  1. thwen said...

    Good! You can teach me how to play futsal and save me from future embarassment, haha!  

  2. Fusion16 said...

    I could, but the problem is I'm not that much of a Ronaldo myself...


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