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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Some random irrelevant and useless facts about me:

  • Music is my passion.
  • I love playing on my guitar (okay, not exactly "my" guitar), do a little bass and drums.
  • I'm totally mad about watching videos featuring insanely gifted guitarists (bassists and drummers too) with extremely high-level technical prowess doing what they do best.

I kinda noticed that quite a few of the RANDTSters (still sounds like "Friendster" to me) do play musical instruments, or at least have a keen interest in music. I've always wanted to be able to discuss about guitaring techniques and stuff like that and perhaps feature a video or two on this blog.

But, unfortunately for me... I'm located in a university where the IT Media Services Department is numero uno (or at least "dos"<--- dunno if i'm spelling it right) on the students' hate-list. They have blocked Windows Live Messenger, Youtube, all kinds of peer to peer websites and they limited our download bandwidth to less than 2 MB (how to update my anitvirus??)... Yeah, so that's why I can't show any videos here *sigh* Anyways, I shall quit whining and ranting about my sorry plight before I make UTP sound like the most pathetic thing in the world- believe me, other than that... it's a great place =)

For those who are interested in guitaring, allow me to recommend that you watch this guy called Andy McKee, that is, if you haven't watched his videos already. What's so special about this guy? The way he plays is just so cool. He utillizes a unique finger playing style to add character in his compositions. Personally, I think he's great. Before you watch him, throw out all your impressions about the common guitar-playing methods. Somehow or rather, he's sorta like a one-man-band. Enough said, check out this link, then you'll get what I mean.

If there was "For Dummies" help book about me, I think the first page would state that I like rock music. No, not the mindless shredding and senseless screaming. More like crisp driving guitar licks and groovy riffs. En d'autres termes, I'm all for musicians with good music sense. Examples of those with good musical sense, Joe Satriani (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), Mike Mangini (drums), Buddy Rich (mad drummer!) and Henry Yew Jimi Hendrix (guitar); examples of those whom I think portray that "mindless shredding" mentality, Yngwie Malmsteen (guitar) and many others I shall not mention, lest I end up offending people. Basically, Malmsteen is very skillful... In fact he is one who possesses immense technical prowess, the only problem is that my taste does not really approve how he interpreted many songs like Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" or his butchering of "Flight of The Bumblebee". I'm sure Henry will agree with me.

But for neutrals who aren't particularly interested in rock music, you just HAVE TO check out this guy called Victor Wooten. A fantastic bass player who has tremendous skill and a great musical sense. Not to mention, his beats are groovy and really catchy. If I'm not wrong, you can check out this link to view a video of his performance.

I suppose that's all I have to write for this post. I have to find a way to get the videos uploaded while I'm in UTP. Or else this post will be looking very plain and boring. *sigh* Anyways, here is a picture to make this post more interesting... hehe.

Victor Wooten. No, he has only 2 hands in real life

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    Maybe your IT dept can be re-engineered. Lol  

  2. joe said...

    [comrade]: haha... they're mean =P btw, i added u on friendster  

  3. wenLi said...

    OMG. I totally dig guitar and drum stuff..they rules!! But my skill isn't exactly on par or close to pro yet..SIGH. I must see your videos someday!! :)  

  4. Melanie said...

    Hehe.. I heard you on Jilly's phone with All About You. And we all got so into your voice and we sang that song when we were semi-drunk on stage, on our cousin's wedding dinner.
    In another word, you inspired us!
    Honestly, i love your voice.
    You're talented.
    If only i know how to play my guitar.
    It's always covered up in dust.  

  5. joe said...

    [wenli]: neither m i a pro. yes, u must c them!!!

    [melanie]: my gosh... u heard tt song?? lol. i'm crazy bout McFly... =P tts v flattering tho, but im not reali tt good. speaking of which, i haven't contacted jilly 4 ages. i wish there was some1 2 teach me guitar 2  

  6. Melanie said...

    WTF?! You're like the best guitar player i've ever met here in JB de, do you need people to teach you more?
    I really do love ur voice.
    If only my boyfriend have ur voice, i'll be even luckier to have him.
    Not forming a band?  

  7. Henry Yew said...

    [melanie]: Even I have to agree that his voice is good. *Looks at Joe* He's got that good high-pitch voice that not many possess, not even me. I can hardly reach any of his high-pitch notes.

    [wenli]: His videos eh? I'll be interested to help you record his playing and get them uploaded in YouTube. Haha! (I've got good wireless Internet signal here)

    But would you watch mine if I have too? Not many people really enjoy classical piano music, you know?

    [joe]: You've already thought of forming a band, right? "Nosferatu and the Lycanthropes" (still sound like "The Vampire and the Wolves" to me).  

  8. joe said...

    [melanie]: many ppl r better, trust me. n they're juz those in jb. but tnx 4 d compliment. reali, im flattered *blush*

    [henry]: dude... not my videos... d videos i recommended in d post. yeah!!! Nosferatu and The Lycanthropes!!! nah, just fooling around n coming up with d most absurd name i can tink of. =P  


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