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Demographic Suicide

Demographic suicide happens when a certain group of people fail to have enough children. As a result they start declining in numbers. According to this article I put up on Maelstrom (I'm going to quote from it as this post continues) the main cause of the demographic suicide is the abandonment of traditional religious and cultural values that are meant to keep society intact.

"In 30 years there will be 70 to 80 million fewer Europeans than there are today. The current birth rate in Germany is 1.3. Italy and Spain are even lower at 1.2. At that rate, the working age population declines by 30 percent in 20 years, which has a huge impact on the economy."

Nice work foolish Europeans! Soon the working population of tomorrow have to support one old geezer each (from today's working population). Maybe they will riot and wipe out their burdens! Of course the future population of tomorrow will be Arabs and Africans, even more reason to riot. Why not riot? You think they want to support whites?

"The huge design flaw in the post-modern secular state is that you need a traditional religious society birth rate to sustain it. The Europeans simply don’t wish to have children, so they are dying."

Why not have children? They ruin the style of post-modern secular. Europeans want to enjoy life (clubbing, sun bathing, sexing etc.) Screaming babies sure hinder enjoyment!

"In Japan, the birthrate is 1.3. As a result, Japan will lose up to 60 million people over the next 30 years. Because Japan has a very different society than Europe, they refuse to import workers. Instead, they are just shutting down. Japan has already closed 2000 schools, and is closing them down at the rate of 300 per year. Japan is also aging very rapidly. By 2020, one out of every five Japanese will be at least 70 years old. Nobody has any idea about how to run an economy with those demographics."

Here we got a a different problem. Japanese chauvinist males! In Japan men don't take care of children. Once a family has a child the mother stops working. Women have to sacrifice everything for a family not the men. There are also a new generation of men who treat their wife as a replacement mother. They have little intention to have children. They don't even have sex with their wives! Pornography, prostitutes and other sex workers satisfy their carnal desires.

By 2020 Japan is going to implode. Maybe then the Chinese and Koreans can carve up Japan.

"These countries have abandoned all the traditions they formerly held in regards to having families and raising children."

We have people only interested in sex but they eliminate all chances of children via birth control. Some take enjoyment first and family last. Not procreating is against nature, so now nature takes revenge. Perhaps someone should force them to go forth and multiply.

"The projection for Russia in 2050 is 100 million. Russia has one-sixth of the earth’s land surface and much of its oil. You can’t control that much area with such a small population. Immediately to the south, you have China with 70 million unmarried men – a real potential nightmare scenario for Russia."

The nightmare is not potential it's real. China would just send their surplus men to Russia to pillage. 100 million people, many old and half of them women would be a pushover for men frustrated without a wife and full of angst.

"In general, everyone in Europe just wants it to last a while longer. Europeans have a real talent for living. They don’t want to work very hard. The average European worker gets 400 more hours of vacation time per year than Americans. They don’t want to work and they don’t want to make any of the changes needed to revive their economies."

This kind of people are worthless parasites should be exterminated. Perhaps an orgy like the one in Nanking would be a nice idea. Who knows?

"The summer after 9/11, France lost 15,000 people in a heat wave. In August, the country basically shuts down when everyone goes on vacation. That year, a severe heat wave struck and 15,000 elderly people living in nursing homes and hospitals died. Their children didn’t even leave the beaches to come back and take care of the bodies. Institutions had to scramble to find enough refrigeration units to hold the bodies until people came to claim them.

This loss of life was five times bigger than 9/11 in America, yet it didn’t trigger any change in French society. When birth rates are so low, it creates a tremendous tax burden on the young. Under those circumstances, keeping mom and dad alive is not an attractive option. That’s why euthanasia is becoming so popular in most European countries."

Useless children! Tax burden? They created it themselves. As for euthanasia, I think some of does working people should go too. Who cares? They are part of the problem.

"The European economy is beginning to fracture."

It is time the Asians (excluding Japanese) and Africans claim Europe as their own but we have to wait until they break their back and neck.

Those were my comments on demographic suicide in the OECD nations. When you abandon God, God strikes back. I think I'm way too cynical. Too bad!

Bye for now.

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