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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert


Seriously. I do not know how to write this post. *laughs*

As opposed to other Randsters with their impeccable writing and creative introductions, I'm basically a nobody who loves to enjoy life as much as possible (though certain circumstances disallow that). Life's a routine these days, with nothing much but lectures, assignments, gossips, potholes and dilemmas to offer. Well, I'm being a realist for the time-being, so excuse the rather negative outlook on life itself.

The paramount objective of this particular post however, is to introduce myself to my fellow Randsters and readers, and not to rant on and on about the monotony of life thus far. If you're really interested in my rants and ramblings, which I don't think you do, just click here to find out. Yeah, that's the link to my blog. One could know me better that way.

So what is there to know about yours truly?

I'm eighteen this Halloween.

I'm a Malaysian Chinese. Who speaks more English than Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese.

I'm not really a 'banana'. I do look like one, I guess.

I'm into art- photography, music, choral singing, theatre, fashion, food... (the list goes on)

I'm an avid blogger, reader, trouble-maker, teaser, amateur photographer, wannabe-singer, human hi-fi, and critic. Oh, some people say I'm a dramatic being from planet Pluto, or was it Mars?

I'm currently studying Cambridge A-Levels in Brickfields Asia College, Kuala Lumpur. I'm taking Economics, Law and Business Studies as subjects, and futsal and basketball as extra co-curricular activities. Haha, I haven't tried those sports before. It will be very different from swimming, netball and badminton, right?

I'm chosen for National Service (second batch). I have second thoughts on going.

I'm partially blind without my -600 'powered' glasses, or contact lenses.

I'm good at procrastinating, lazing around and doing nothing.

Well, I ran out of things to say, haha.

I know I'm lame.
Have fun blogging everyone!
Thanks Jared for the invite!

P.S. I suggest we add each other in MSN Messenger to establish stronger ties (My MSN's in my blogger's profile). And eventhough my name's Hui Wen, I prefer to label this post with 'huiwen7' instead. Seven rhymes with 'wen' in my case...

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  1. joe said...

    lol, itz good being a realist once in a while. for d last few months i seemed 2 b rather pessimistic bout everything goin on. especially d weather (btw, i come frm johor... so u noe. the rain).

    p/s. i juz added u on msn. so if u c d weird name, yea... tts me  

  2. Maverick said...

    You're welcome. Thanks for accepting it. What would RANDTS be without the RANDTSters, eh? =)

    ~verus rara avis~  

  3. Albert (Comrade Cripple) said...

    What a pity, I'm a useless banana. Lolz.

    By the way I'm happy to join the club with you and the rest. Maybe we should keep in touch, you can suggest the means.  

  4. thwen said...

    A pessimist, optimist, realist or idealist. Which will you rather be at the moment?

    Oh it's raining in Johor, but it's so hot and sunny in Kuala Lumpur!? *laughs* There's a big need to balance both extremes out for the best possible results- no flood, no oppresive heat.

    I haven't seen you online in MSN thus far...

    Haha! 13 RANDTSters blogging in a single blog! Good job, Jared!

    (albert (comrade cripple))
    Useless banana? Do you mind explaining the term? *laughs* I don't really get it, hehe.

    MSN is a good choice to keep in touch since I'm most probably online everyday. E-mail address's in my Blogger profile, if you're interested. =)  

  5. joe said...

    hmmm... can't believe my comment din go thru. =( more lyk a cross between an idealist n a realist. hehe. btw, tt was jb last month. dis month i duno...  


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