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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

was in the car while waiting for the countdown to happen. got great views from both side of the car. on the left, the gorgeous full moon and on the right, the fireworks display.


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Hi,everyone! I know I haven't been committing myself to RANDTS for quite sometime. I'm gonna contribute more starting from now. Got a test tmrw & I just thought of posting something just to get my mind off of it.

I'm sure everyone knows who is Garfield. We all seen him on the cartoon strips in the STAR news paper. We even saw Garfield in the movies, a CG version of Garfield. I downloaded a collection of Garfield comic strips that dated from 1978 to 2002. I love Garfield because of his funny jokes & how he handles his life in his own way. I love the character because we both share the same problem....We hate Monday!! Monday is where class begins! Monday is where Sunday ends! Monday means the start of a long & busy week! Here's a few pictures of Garfield expressing his hatred for Mondays' :

This are just a few of the comic strips that show how much Garfield hates Monday. Here is another treat! I think I found the real life version of Garfield. I saw this fat orange cat in a shop one day. I could have sworn it looked a little like Garfield. Here's some pictures of it. It's got the colour, it's kind of fat, it was lazy to move & always lays around.

*Me giving the cat a belly rub.

*The cat was waving it's paws back & forth...I wonder why it did that? (O_o)"?"

What do you think of Garfield's idea about Mondays? Does anyone share the same feeling like me about Monday? (^__^) If you do, please do tell.

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I realise that I haven't been updating here recently. Anyway, I have been working on a series. It's actually a continuation of the "Hypodermic Syringe" story, on a junkie doctor, which I put up months ago (hey, Arbitary Juggernaut!...). But since I'm too lazy and I can't spend much time on the computer now that I'm schooling:

My blog

which contains the 7 installments of the series. Happy Reading!

(Is this blatant self-promotion or what...)

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DSC_7564 copy

Taken in Petaling Street, KL

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DSC_7831 copy

Didn't catch the name of the guitar trio, but hey, they're good. Taken outside of Central Market, 3rd of August 2007.

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tim signs out

I guess its about time i officially signed out of RANDTS. I've been putting it off because I always tell myself that I'll write something eventually but my schedule just can't seem to fit it in. Hope this thing keeps going, guys. All the best

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DSC_7568 copy

VCD/DVD peddler, Petaling Street, taken on 3rd of August 2007

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How many of you do not understand the above sign?"

Nothing annoys me more than some people being so inconsiderate during classes. I have got an important question here for all of you - how many of you deliberately refuse to turn your mobile phones to silent mode during lectures?

You see, during lectures, everybody wants to pay attention to the lesson. For those who are not interested in the lesson, they can always do something else, but please do not distract other people, or cause other people to lose their concentration! Just because one is not able to catch what the lecturer is saying does not mean that you are given the liberty to cause others to stumble as well.

There are some people in my university who are either plain dumb (as in stupid) or just deliberately going against university rules and regulations, or even universal ethics.

The rule, though unwritten, is simple: During lectures, please keep your phone to silent mode or switch them OFF. However, I find, much to my annoyance, that I constantly hear mobile phones ringing away with short text messages coming in, or beeps that indicate whether the phone receives any reception or otherwise. This happened during my Health, Safety and Environment lesson. Worst of all, they put their mobile phones on the table so it was so loud and clear to me when the phones ring. Yet after the phone rings, they still had the audacity to keep their phones at the General mode rather than the Silent mode.

Such people exist in university, much to my disappointment. If we were primary and secondary school students, it might have been still acceptable for teachers or parents to tell us off that we must keep our phones off or at silent mode at all times during lessons. But with that fact planted firmly in our minds, I still find some people totally ignorant to that. Just because they have not been reminded to turn their phones to silent mode does not give them the permission to just keep them on the General mode. When phones ring, they are an interruption. With about one hundred phones in the lecture hall, can you imagine what happens if just one quarter of them ring every now and then during class?

So much for our education system! Yet the Malaysian mentality is such that we practise such egotistical values without thinking about other people. We are already approaching the country's 50th Independence Day, and yet there are people who still possess Third World mentality and refuse to change their ways for the better of society as a whole.

Do not give me excuses or reasons as to why some students cannot keep their phones to silent mode OR even switch them off. If it is so important that you keep your phone on and allows it to ring during classes, then it must be something urgent or must be some form of emergency. If it is so, then why attend the class in the first place? Quickly deal with the emergency and then only come back. Do not undermine the priorities of other students who want to focus during the class. It is very unfair to undermine other people's welfare just to protect one's.

Therefore, let us not be part of such idiots. When you are attending classes or lectures, remember to TURN YOUR MOBILE PHONES TO SILENT MODE OR SWITCH THEM OFF!

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Of all weeks, this is about to beat the lot!

I have not been so out of touch from blogging before than this! Honestly, with so much things going on in campus around these few weeks, staying in front of the computer for hours is like a dream in the past. I find myself barely able to sit down for just half an hour, doing nothing but blogging away.

Just recently, my university had a special guest coming to deliver an adjunct lecture on the topic of independence of our nation and how to fulfil the vision that has been set. The guest is none other than our Chancellor himself, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. It seems that it is an obligation for the Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS to deliver a lecture every year, in conjunction with the convocation ceremony of the university. It is during such lectures that students get to meet the former Malaysian Prime Minister face to face. It is also at this moment that university students get to raise up certain issues to be addressed by the former politician himself.

This week marks the seventh convocation ceremony of UTP. As usual, the university has invited various companies to set up booths and stalls at the ConvoSquare (which is actually a carpark and a football field). It is at this ConvoSquare where there will be a ConvoFair. In the ConvoFair, you get to purchase items you may like such as cameras, computers, toys (I'm not joking) and many more. Staff, students and non-staff of UTP are welcomed to see for themselves what the ConvoFair is about.

During the ConvoFair there are lots of food and even stage performances, which encompass performances by the UTP Orchestra (Chinese Musical, Classical and Jazz, etc.) and even by students themselves.

As the convocation ceremony will see the presence of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the university has made numerous preparations, namely beautifying the landscape of the campus, completing the wall that would function as the main entrance of the university and even putting up a gigantic signboard to mark the entrance of the campus. All this is done in a hurry for the convocation ceremony itself. In fact, I have seen workers working from day till night non-stop. I believe they work under shifts.

I am very much involved in the convocation, although I am not one of the graduates (duh!). I have been chosen to perform during the ConvoFair and the ConvoLunch (two separate occasions on two separate days). During the ConvoFair, I shall be conducting the Chinese Orchestra and perform six pieces, while during the ConvoLunch, I shall be performing on the piano together with five other players; we meant to have a sextet (read: sextet) during the ConvoLunch. As the pieces in ConvoFair and ConvoLunch are all different, I have to practise extra hard to master all pieces. Tough, isn't it?

I wish I could write more about the upcoming events in ConvoFair (perhaps you could even come down to UTP yourself?) which will begin from the 24th to the 27th of August 2007, but I have to go to the Multi-Purpose Hall now to collect my course confirmation slip!

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do you think she's naked?

for me she's not. she's wearing SNES. that's retro man. hohoho. i find this picture amusing. and oh yea, did u hear about the NEGARAKUKU song?

apparently this one chinese dude, namewee; who's currently studying in Taiwan, did a music video using the national anthem. he pretty much modified the whole song, and turned it into some rap/hip-hop song.

it was a pretty cool song, and he was quite talented. but unfortunately, he was dissing the country, as so the government said. he is currently being searched and will be arrested or sued or something. not sure about that. but his music video really sparked the nation, especially the muslims as well as the chinese.

i watched the video already, and where i stand, is yet to be known, coz im not sure myself. i mean, i support the guy for the fact that, he's talented and that, whatever he says in the music video was true. about the cops being a 'mata' and would only be nice to you if you give them kopi-o. not that im saying that our malaysian cops are like that, though. dont get me wrong. and i do agree that the non-bumis are treated arent fairly at some point. but then again, going back to history, our ancestors did agreed on giving Bumis the special treatment for they were the 'owners' of the land.

but then again, on the other hand, i agree with the government for saying that he was dissing the country. well, he wasnt really dissing the country, and i dont really see his video as a 'dissing the country' sort of thing. but what he did wrong i think, was the fact that he was COMMENTING ON THE MUSLIMS being off-beat or out of tune when it comes to them reciting the Quran.

Thats just whack man.

whether it IS out of tune OR not, you freaking HAVE to respect other religions. i know that he said that he was not disrespecting other religion and stuff, but for me, its just too much. and i do know that he is a singer, and that, it annoys him to death to hear off-beat tunes going on, but you cant simply comment on these types of things.

mom always tell me to respect other people's religion. when the Muslim prays or recite their Al-Quran, and if they are being so-called 'loud', respect. same goes to the chinese during CNY. when the Lion Dance from house to house or shop to shop comes up, dont complain.

its ok to be outspoken about things, and speak your mind out. its ok to be creative and artistic. but i guess, living a country of diverse culture and religion, you just HAVE to watch what you're talking, especially when its about religions. talk about politics, or genders or whatever. but always be careful when touching topics regarding religions or races.

watch the video why dont you?

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Here are some photographs I took of my friend, GothicChic on the 1st of August. We had our mini photoshoot mostly in the KL Railway Station, with the company of Carmen, also a college-mate of ours'. In three words the photoshoot was: Tiring, Rewarding & Fun.

Enjoy! Comments and constructive criticisms are welcomed.


Click on 'Read More' to see more photographs.... =)


Stepping towards Danger.

Eyes of a Sphinx. My personal favourite.

Eyes of a Sphinx 2.

Eyes of a Sphinx 3.

At Random 1.

(I've divided this batch of photos into two parts- according to the post-processing)

At Random 2.

Carmen touched up on my 'base makeup' with purple mascara, and dark blue eyeliner.

Faces. A candid picture of both of my friends (GothicChic cannot smile widely in front of the camera, so it was nice to capture her gorgeous smile even though I focused on Carmen)

N_ITP (2) copy

N_ITP (3) copy


Reject 2.

And us! The 'Crew'! Make-up artist, model, and wannabe-photographer! I had to sit furthest back as I don't want to be a 'giant' compared to both of my friends.

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Could ever imagine that drinking coffee could endanger your life? It never struck me even once but today I read this story. Jasmine Willis, 17, developed a fever and began hyperventilating after drinking seven double espressos while working at her family's sandwich shop.

Here is how caffeine poisoning progresses:

  1. laughing and crying for no reason
  2. fever
  3. difficulty breathing which causes hyperventilation
  4. hot flushes
  5. palpitations (very, very high heart rate e.g., 180 bpm)
  6. shock
  7. coma
  8. death
Scary right? Well that's the truth coffee contains caffeine which actually is a neurotoxin which forces the nerves to instruct muscles to contract out of control. Coffee plants evolved this toxin to kill off pests. Unfortunately, some of these bugs got addicted to caffeine and went on ravaging coffee plants. Then humans got into taking coffee. It was the Turks who first brewed coffee, they used it as a substitute stimulant to wine. Forget all the logic that stimulants are haram. Today caffeine is used to keep people awake and a pesticide. Yes, pesticide!

So brothers and sisters, drink too much coffee and you die!

~multum in parvo~

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As the title of this post suggests, I am going to blog about Adeleine, a good friend of mine. Apart from being a supportive cheerleader, kaki lepak, and great company, she is also a victim of my crazy desire to take pictures of anything and anyone. Therefore, here are pictures of her, taken in Taman Tasik Permaisuri, back then on Saturday the 28th of July, 2007.

A one sentence summary of the day:

*draws deep deep breath*

Ade picked me up from my house around 10 something in the morning, had breakfast together in a Chinese hawker centre, drove to the park, parked the car, did makeup for her, walked around, snapped pictures, ignored stares from high-school kids, took the car's windshield reflector as a 'free, immediate light reflector', continued snapping, got tired, sat down, went to Leisure Mall, had lunch in Blue-Zone Cafe, met up with Jen Ric, got the 50mm /1.8 from him, parted ways, Ade fetched me back home, tried shooting with the prime lens, had dinner and shower, slept for 12 hours...

*releases deep deep breath*

ade 1 copy

ade 2 copy

ade 3 copy
Nature's veil.

ade 4
Gee, I can even see myself in her 'eyes'...

ade 5
From the top.

ade 6
The look, and the looks.

ade 7 copy
I Heart (censored name).

adeleine 2
Ran through a Lomo action for this one...

adeleine 3
Slave of fashion.

the end
And lastly, a picture of both of us...

Shots taken with the 50mm f/1.8, using manual focusing:

Mooncake- half gone, some left.

paper pineapple
Paper pineapple- folded and made by my grandma.

Little puppy.

In search of comfort.

My brother, and his binoculars. (Not a crisp picture, but I like it anyway)

The keys of my laptop.


In a nutshell, that Saturday was a terribly long day... Thank you Ade, for your never-ending support and faith in me! =) Also, thank you Jen Ric, for lending me one of your cameras, 2 lenses and 1 flashgun, though you do hope for the shutter to break down while in my hands =P.

As such, my super-dull, super-long blog update has come to an end, and I bid you, my blog, farewell. I shall be back on tomorrow night or Saturday evening to continue the process of transferring HTML codes, and typing.

Cheers, Hui Wen

P.S. Law class tomorrow. Volunteering for YMCA on Saturday.

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