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Flagging You Guys!!

I realise that I haven't been updating here recently. Anyway, I have been working on a series. It's actually a continuation of the "Hypodermic Syringe" story, on a junkie doctor, which I put up months ago (hey, Arbitary Juggernaut!...). But since I'm too lazy and I can't spend much time on the computer now that I'm schooling:

My blog

which contains the 7 installments of the series. Happy Reading!

(Is this blatant self-promotion or what...)

3 mad rant(s):

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    YAY! Its finally back...
    Finally something to READ! ;P

    u know what u could do? Repost the whole series here! :D  

  2. yiwei said...

    i tried, but all that turned out was just..lines after the first paragraph or so :(

    anyhow i put the link to my blog in the entry...  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...



    yep2 tengkiu thou! will comment soon... ;)  


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