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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

They say love gives us wings,
Much like a Dove's,
They are wrong.

Love is not a Dove's wings,
We all have wings,
For we are all destined,
To soar.

Love is the wind beneath those wings,
That carry us to heights magnificent,
If only we beat those wings as tirelessly,
As our hearts beat for one another.

They say love makes us strong,
For all strong men know love,
They are wrong.

Love is not the strength of body,
Or mind and soul,
For we are all strong.

Love is the gift to arise once more,
To arouse and feel with certainty,
The strength within us all,
And know it to be true.

They say love is not a destination,
But a journey,
They are wrong.

Love is not a journey,
For all journeys come to an end,
True love never ends.

Love is the vessel that bears us,
Along that journey,
That carries us to places,
Wonderful and Beautiful.

Love is all these things,
And more,
And now my love i say to you,
I Love You.

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