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How many of you do not understand the above sign?"

Nothing annoys me more than some people being so inconsiderate during classes. I have got an important question here for all of you - how many of you deliberately refuse to turn your mobile phones to silent mode during lectures?

You see, during lectures, everybody wants to pay attention to the lesson. For those who are not interested in the lesson, they can always do something else, but please do not distract other people, or cause other people to lose their concentration! Just because one is not able to catch what the lecturer is saying does not mean that you are given the liberty to cause others to stumble as well.

There are some people in my university who are either plain dumb (as in stupid) or just deliberately going against university rules and regulations, or even universal ethics.

The rule, though unwritten, is simple: During lectures, please keep your phone to silent mode or switch them OFF. However, I find, much to my annoyance, that I constantly hear mobile phones ringing away with short text messages coming in, or beeps that indicate whether the phone receives any reception or otherwise. This happened during my Health, Safety and Environment lesson. Worst of all, they put their mobile phones on the table so it was so loud and clear to me when the phones ring. Yet after the phone rings, they still had the audacity to keep their phones at the General mode rather than the Silent mode.

Such people exist in university, much to my disappointment. If we were primary and secondary school students, it might have been still acceptable for teachers or parents to tell us off that we must keep our phones off or at silent mode at all times during lessons. But with that fact planted firmly in our minds, I still find some people totally ignorant to that. Just because they have not been reminded to turn their phones to silent mode does not give them the permission to just keep them on the General mode. When phones ring, they are an interruption. With about one hundred phones in the lecture hall, can you imagine what happens if just one quarter of them ring every now and then during class?

So much for our education system! Yet the Malaysian mentality is such that we practise such egotistical values without thinking about other people. We are already approaching the country's 50th Independence Day, and yet there are people who still possess Third World mentality and refuse to change their ways for the better of society as a whole.

Do not give me excuses or reasons as to why some students cannot keep their phones to silent mode OR even switch them off. If it is so important that you keep your phone on and allows it to ring during classes, then it must be something urgent or must be some form of emergency. If it is so, then why attend the class in the first place? Quickly deal with the emergency and then only come back. Do not undermine the priorities of other students who want to focus during the class. It is very unfair to undermine other people's welfare just to protect one's.

Therefore, let us not be part of such idiots. When you are attending classes or lectures, remember to TURN YOUR MOBILE PHONES TO SILENT MODE OR SWITCH THEM OFF!

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Amen Brother Yew... Amen

    And so this is why i keep my phone perpetually on silent...
    and even then its still firmly within the depths of my pocket...


  2. Biolovepulse said...

    In my college the very particular lecturers will remind us to turn off our phones or switch to silent mode before she start the classes.

    If I receive phone call during class I just tell the person I'm having class now, as simple as that!  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    Dear biolovepulse,
    It's one thing for the lecturer to remind you to turn off your phones or switch them to silent mode. It should be the civic-mindedness of the students themselves to do so even without being told.

    Even if you have no interest for the lesson, at least respect the right of others who might want to focus on the lesson without being interrupted.  

  4. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Do what i do; Give em a Bloody Death Stare to the ones near you every time their phone rings...

    In a class of 15... Not a single phone rings in class anymore... >;D  


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