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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to revive this blog. But I didn't declare this blog dead, too, so I don't think "revival" is a suitable word.

The maestros of this blog would have already received an e-mail from our beloved Jared, whom we so adore, so love, so... OK, enough crap, I suppose. *wink* Let's just say that Jared's e-mail is like an indicator to me that he's missed us a lot.

Like him, I miss the days when we met up together at Albert's house, chit-chat, have fun, barbecues and steamboat! Things were so ideal at that moment that we quite forgot the fact that things go lead on to this kind of predicament.

All of us have now started to go on our own separate ways. One will never know when we can meet and remain like the way we took our picture previously.

All of us have our very own private blogs, and we do keep a mind to update them, but we seem to have lost commitment altogether in RANDTS. Sadly, it is as if that this blog is becoming a thing of the past, a thing where it was trendy at one moment, and just scrapped at the other.

We really ran out of ideas, so to speak. And rather than speaking about our private stuff in a public blog, we would rather stay silent, wouldn't we?

Anyway, silent or otherwise, I am longing to meet up with the old gang. I really miss you all, so if you guys are still in KL, I'll make it a point to meet up with you guys. What say you?

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