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do you think she's naked?

for me she's not. she's wearing SNES. that's retro man. hohoho. i find this picture amusing. and oh yea, did u hear about the NEGARAKUKU song?

apparently this one chinese dude, namewee; who's currently studying in Taiwan, did a music video using the national anthem. he pretty much modified the whole song, and turned it into some rap/hip-hop song.

it was a pretty cool song, and he was quite talented. but unfortunately, he was dissing the country, as so the government said. he is currently being searched and will be arrested or sued or something. not sure about that. but his music video really sparked the nation, especially the muslims as well as the chinese.

i watched the video already, and where i stand, is yet to be known, coz im not sure myself. i mean, i support the guy for the fact that, he's talented and that, whatever he says in the music video was true. about the cops being a 'mata' and would only be nice to you if you give them kopi-o. not that im saying that our malaysian cops are like that, though. dont get me wrong. and i do agree that the non-bumis are treated arent fairly at some point. but then again, going back to history, our ancestors did agreed on giving Bumis the special treatment for they were the 'owners' of the land.

but then again, on the other hand, i agree with the government for saying that he was dissing the country. well, he wasnt really dissing the country, and i dont really see his video as a 'dissing the country' sort of thing. but what he did wrong i think, was the fact that he was COMMENTING ON THE MUSLIMS being off-beat or out of tune when it comes to them reciting the Quran.

Thats just whack man.

whether it IS out of tune OR not, you freaking HAVE to respect other religions. i know that he said that he was not disrespecting other religion and stuff, but for me, its just too much. and i do know that he is a singer, and that, it annoys him to death to hear off-beat tunes going on, but you cant simply comment on these types of things.

mom always tell me to respect other people's religion. when the Muslim prays or recite their Al-Quran, and if they are being so-called 'loud', respect. same goes to the chinese during CNY. when the Lion Dance from house to house or shop to shop comes up, dont complain.

its ok to be outspoken about things, and speak your mind out. its ok to be creative and artistic. but i guess, living a country of diverse culture and religion, you just HAVE to watch what you're talking, especially when its about religions. talk about politics, or genders or whatever. but always be careful when touching topics regarding religions or races.

watch the video why dont you?

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    LOL! The Pic is kinda cool cept for one thing...
    Its freaking 2007 man! PS3! SNES is like a whole other century man...

    And as for namawee well... Politically incorrect much? ;P  

  2. Shine said...

    Ok... admit it... who miss me?

    Anyways, didn't reply/post much, been busy lately, just arrived at the states. More on that next time.

    Back to the topic. I TOTALLY disagree with what Jasmine said.

    First off, true, our ancestors (non-bumis) agreed to give special rights to the bumis. But put it this way, we are already in the FOURTH generation since our independence. We are all born and raised in this country. We call ourselves Malaysians. Here in the states, I call myself a Chinese Malaysian. So what makes us stand on different ground with the current generation of bumis?

    True, there majority of citizens of Malaysia are still bumis, but in aspects such as education, businesses, and housing, why should there be alocation for like, 80% to be bumis?

    Wouldn't that encourage bumis to not work as hard, yet still gain benefits from the government, where as non-bumis must work extra just to gain equal rights/allocations?

    As Tun Dr. Mahathir said, 'Melayu mudah lupa', and I totally agree to that. He is the best leader I have ever seen by far. Go figure.

    Regarding respect on religions and culture. I think that namewee IS respecting the Muslim culture of morning prayers.

    He isn't saying its annoying, right?
    He isn't suicide bombing a mosque, right?

    He is merely looking at the funny side of how it starts before the chickens start clucking and how it can wake the residents up for school/work.

    As I once said, if you cannot laugh at yourself, you have no rights to laugh at other people. So if Muslim extremists wants to take that part of the song a little too seriously, thats just sad, if this is the mentality of what we call a developing nation.  

  3. Boon Kheng said...

    And I also have some points too

    The music video by NameWee depict everything we see, accurately, without any uncertainty.

    I know the bumis enjoy priviliges on this land. What have they become? They become overdependent on their priviliges and having the "waiting for help" attitude. Stepping out of the country, no one will care what is their origin. Like it or not, they must let go of their comfort zone in order to advance.

    What Jasmine said about the Quran recital, I'd like to have some point of information here, so as to enhance her knowledge of Muslim lifestyle. NameWee refers 'azan' (call for praying) as "morning call" which is a usage of euphemism. The person simply shouts the azan aloud, and the call is broadcasted from a mosque over an area. Broadcast of the azan simply means it's time for Muslims to worship. It is perfectly normal for the person shouting it to be out of tune or have his voice throated.

    But looking from another perspective, broadcast of this call is also disturbing non-Muslims. The mosque official should be considerate enough not to disturb non-Muslims. Since the purpose is to remind Muslims to pray, they should look for other ways which serve the purpose without interfering peace of other people.

    Besides other issues highlighted are educational discrimination and brain drain. The government should pull up her socks so that we wouldn't be a loser in the international scene.  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    The morally bankrupt hypocrite politicians are on a campaign to crucify Namewee for political points. They shout about the rule of law but don't even bother if one of them breaks the law. They think they are totally above the law. These people are a mockery of leaders!!!! They have lost all their rights to lead us and yet continue with their malevolent rule.

    They are only two possible roads here. We become a mature democracy or become a banana republic ruled by a monkey.........  

  5. thwen said...

    Wait a minute, if I'm not mistaken, the video should be removed by namewee from Youtube, and other Internet users are 'discouraged' (I think) from further distributing it. It was reported in The Star as such... It's too bad that I can't recall much of the article to quote it word for word.  

  6. Shine said...

    Amen to Boon Kheng there...

    I once read that there is a Malaysian muslim, who stayed in England, then came back, and even SHE wrote to the Star about how the azan shouldn't be broadcasted in such a way...

    Anyways, put it this way. I love Malaysia, I am proud to be one, as I tell even my roommates here. But its also true that there are a lot of aspects about the mentality of the people (not only Malays in general), that it may be kind of hard, if we ever hope to develop even further.

    As I read on a sign board, its kinda pointless if we have first world facilities, but a third world mentality...  

  7. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    All true.


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