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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert


Is this all too hard to comprehend?

The spirit is willing,
But the flesh is weak,
The heart is moving,
But the eyes fail to seek.

This genesis of rebirth,
Can it really happen?
Even if so, may I ask,
Will it grow like fern?

Every end is a beginning,
Of something new and exciting,
Stand yourself up now!
Together we march with the crowd.

Nobody gets left behind!
Everybody is well sheltered,
Utopian as it may seemed to be,
It is of everyone's concern.

Those who suffered and pined,
Move on! Climb to new grounds!
All of us were once like that before,
Where is your fire? Have it found!

Those whose lives are truly blessed,
Guide the suffering ones,
Relieve them of their pain and worries,
Help them stand, walk and run.

Open your eyes, people,
Just open your eyes!
Be extremely wary of crocodiles,
And above all, of lice!

Conform if you must,
Conform if you want to,
But practise your own virtues,
You needn't follow everyone, too.

A revolution of ideas is circulating,
Clashes and conflicts are at every corner,
Learn to think both ways, both sides,
Justified, and we shall give you honour.

I bring here an important message,
Strike a clear balance of things,
Wipe out hypocrisy and deception,
Be happy, be contented human beings.

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Hmmm... Good stuff must say... Very provocative/inspirational.

    A piece to boil the blood and spur the soul. ;)  


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