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Faces of Kimberly

I've always wanted to shoot portraits of friends of mine irregardless of their body size and facial features (even though some claimed that they're 'ugly', 'fat' and 'have pimples'). I wanted to take portraits of them so much that I promised them 'photoshoots' after I got myself a better camera with more custom settings, and when the opportunity was hurled at me, I wasted no time to start shooting.

The first photoshoot done this year (though not with my own SLR) is of Kimberly Tey, a college-mate whom I got to know better over a couple of months before, during and after classes. Although she initially hated me, and I thought she was arrogant, we're friends thanks to time, and of course, a special someone (not the lovey-dovey 'special'). Usually, we'll complete assignments and revise in the library before and after classes. However, with the arrival of my laptop, I've navigated away from the 'study' path, and she uses it to settle her business (like transferring and uploading files, blogging, etc.).

Anyway, before I start blogging issues that are off-topic, let me say that we took time off on the Thursday the 19th of July for a photoshoot. We planned to go to Tasik Permaisuri, but the location was cancelled off the plan due to *cough* certain reasons. Instead, the photoshoot was held in the safety and convenience of her home in Cheras. I purposely went to college to meet up with her, and together we had lunch in Petaling Street before taking the RapidKL bus to her home.

DSC_5170 copy
Little Indian girl.

DSC_5195 copy
Chinese uncle who sells roasted chestnuts.

As we're both real new to photoshoots, we did not have any idea what would happen at the end of the day (I didn't even put high expectations on the outcome. I just hoped they turned out alright). Nevertheless, we did find fun in being 'noobs', haha.

Presenting... *drum rolls* 'Faces of Kimberly'! (Note: She has a variety of facial expressions and all photos below were taken in the same afternoon)

DSC_5208 copy
Her father used to shoot slides of her when she was a child, and here's one of them... She looked like a boy, no?

kim and her slides
Talk about imitating the past!

Yeah, we relaxed for less than half an hour before getting 'work' started as the day was oppressively hot. For Round 1, Kimberly did her own makeup, and borrowed her mom's red cheongsam...

Converted this into sepia to offer a different perspective...

kimberly (candid) 2
Kimberly was unaware of me taking a candid shot of her, and man, she looked really happy!

kimberly 3 (2)

Unfortunately for both of us, the cleaners were watching us closely, and Kimberly's mom came back earlier than she thought. Hence, Round 1 only lasted for 10 minutes! *big sigh*

After rushing upstairs like convicts on the run, we got ready for Round 2. This time, I did makeup for her, and she was dressed in a retro tube dress and a black denim jacket. We went down to the playground to try a different location, and before we could get ourselves settled down, the place was fumigated! Choking from the fumes, we ran upstairs to continue Round 2. *big sigh*

kimberly 4

kimberly 5
Frames within frames

kimberly (candid) 6
Candid shot of Kimberly. She was looking at her contact lens, haha...

Right after I released the shutter button, Kimberly felt somethingcoming out from her left eye. And guess what? Her contact lens came off! Gosh, we were unlucky! We had to get back to her apartment before things could get any worse...

So, after we got the blue makeup off from her face, and contact lens on her eyeball, we proceeded to Round 3. I wanted to capture some facial shots of her, and she gave the idea of painting a mask on her face. After Kim applied the black eyeshadow as base, I took over and 'painted' the other colours. She finished the mask off with shimmery lilac eye gel.

kimberly 7

butterfly mask

Feeling good in the air-conditioned room, we progressed to Round 5, where we used minimal makeup (just blusher)...

kimberly 9
Just as she is.

She suddenly got an idea, and voila!

kimberly 10
Big baby Kimberly!

And since Kimberly is rather obsessed about her weight (and possibly, looks), I decided to take a picture of her looking into a mirror...

kimberly 11


Well, that's all I got to insert in my blog. My grattitude towards Kimberly for putting up with me for hours (and days). Without your co-operation and 'sporting-ness', we wouldn't be able to get some decent shots. Besides, we did enjoyed ourselves, eh? Haha, I quote Kimberly"'If this is how a model feels, then I'll lose alot of weight and be one instead." Were you serious, Kim?

Cheers, Hui Wen

P.S. Strangely, I didn't take any pictures with the DSLR from the 20th to the 26th... Also, my condolences to Kim, as her grandmother passed away right after we're done with the photoshoot...

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Ooookay whats with the bruising of her face? looks like she tried to head-butt a ram...

    I liked the frames within frames... The photos appear very crisp... How was this done?

    My condolences to your friend... Too often now do i hear of the good and the old passing on...  

  2. thwen said...

    It was done from composing the shot beforehand, and then focusing on the subject clearly. A faster shutter speed, higher ISO, steadier hands, and/or the tripod would help too. Alternatively, you can use any editing software to sharpen the picture digitally, though the sharpness of the pictures depends on the quality of the lens too.  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Me likey! :D  


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