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A Choice or Not?


This is a video by Japanese rock/metal band Dir En Grey. Watch it and you will never have the heart to abort babies. At least I did. The lyrics are written from the perspective of the aborted baby:

"Mazohyst of Decadence"

Child that will be born of adults with no sense of guilt fallen
I who have no name, why am I here I don't even understand, but
I don't know that I only have a few months to live...

I want to love, I want to be born inside this mother's body, staring
since the time I waited for conciousness two months on I sensed something fast
yet I could do nothing that cord of ours will be...

I, incomplete, my body pierced through with hooked pain
mother's screaming voice, ringing in my ears, will not cease white coated adults scooped me up
in eyes overflowing with coldheartedness bloody, without a right hand, I am reflected
just as I was, in black vinyl I am wrapped, engulfed
while my conciousness is gradually fading, I consider quietly
if I, caged, am loved as I am, that is good it cannot be forgiven

it's better that I, unloveable, die as I am
in quiet I shall sleep without giving my first cry
just once, I want to feel a mother's love
maybe this is love thank you
a door that never opens was closing tight
but I am surely your future, and so...
la la la...

my body burned, consumed until my bones become nothing burned, destroyed

.....and 'Mazohyst' is a made-up word. I've always felt that abortion should only be allowed if the pregnancy was caused by rape. If it were by casual sex, it's like,"Hello you blardy knew what having sex entails right?" even if it was protected sex. What do you think?

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  1. Shine said...

    ... That is a VERY creepy video. I can see how it changed your mind.

    Regarding the music, I am not exactly a Jap metal fan... so... no comments.

    Shine: 0% artistic sense

    I am strictly pro-choice. I support abortion. There is no special case where abortion should NOT be allowed.
    From one perspective, yeap, abortion from rape should be allowed.

    But what about abortion due to inability to support the child?
    My mother aborted 3 children between my fourth brother and me. If they were born, I will have 7 siblings. If that happened, we will be eating porridge everyday, and none of my brothers will be able to go to uni.

    What about abortion due to underaged pregnancy?
    If the child is born because the hormonally charged parents fooled around, true, the parents are 100% at fault (or maybe 1% due to cheap condoms), but think about this.

    Yes, the child has the rights to live. But will the child have a happy/decent lifestyle? Won't the child feel worse if the parents hate/torment him? Won't the child AND the parents be in a much worse condition, if due to the child, the parents can no longer pursue their studies, and gain a better lifestyle to prepare to have a family? And the child will have to live a life of poverty?

    That will undoubtedly lead to MORE problems. For further elaboration read Freakonomics. Its an awesome read.

    Anyways, regarding prevention of casual sex and abstinence, that is no longer a feasible route to take to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

    In this era, asking people to NOT have casual sex is like asking me to quit playing games, and stop being an arsehole, or asking Jaspreet to NOT be gay.

    They are all impossible. Period.

    Conclusion: I have not much comments regarding the music video, apart from the fact that the girl is cute, though in a spooky way. Regarding abortion, I am absolutely pro-choice. Regarding casual sex, there is nothing we can do about it.  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    The best solution for an issue such as abortion is to legalise it for the first trimester. The embryo/fetus is nothing but a blob of cells. It will feel nothing. It's simply the same as contraception. In fact a simple injection is all that is needed. Even a doctor does not need to be present. For very early stages a pill can do the trick.

    If a woman doesn't abort by the first trimester she must have the baby except in cases of rape or when the mother's life is endangered. Someone who doesn't know she's pregnant after three months simply will not exist unless she's just stupid. Stupid people don't go for abortion. The first trimester is too long to decide for an abortion cannot tolerated. As the fetus is developed enough by the second semester to be human, aborting after the first trimester is murder.

    Arguing on the child's quality of life is simply nonsense. Everybody has their standards. If that argument was used I may be in another world now. Besides there are many people out who would adopt so why abort.

    Still abortion isn't really a big issue. Only religious extremist screw everything up by trying to slam their values on everyone. Just burn these people they ought to be silenced by civilised means of course e.g., ignoring them completely.

    Regarding casual sex, it may be wrong according to my standard but demonising sex between two or more consenting people is abhorrent. Accept the people, they harmed absolutely nobody. That's the reason laws that punish fornication is just evil anywhere in the world.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  3. Shine said...

    1st and 2nd paragraph: Ditto... unfortunately some people just seem to learn nothing in Biology, or paid more attention to the organs and process of sex, rather than pregnancy in class.

    3rd paragraph: Why should arguments regarding quality of life be nonsense? Everyone deserves a right, and chance for a BETTER lifestyle, above their current/available standards. So if those parents have a chance to prepare for a better environment before raising a family, why not? And if the unborn kids were born into situations I mentioned earlier, won't that cause more problems for society/themselves in general?
    And no, there are not many people who would adopt. Orphans > Adopters, obviously.Unless I am statistically proven wrong XD.

    4th paragraph: Ditto. Most religions started centuries ago. If we live an extremist lifestyle, and follow our ancestors culture... whats the point of development?

    5th paragraph: SEX FTW!!!  

  4. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    LOL! ditto shine on the creepiness of the video...

    SEX FTW!

    \m/ >.< \m/  

  5. shine said...

    I like the blood dripping from the girl's legs near the end, and her spontaneous retarded laughter. Very boombology (?)

    And I also like the blood dripping effect into the toilet bowl... nice... although the texture looks like tomato sauce...

    But the umbilical cord dangling between her legs are a little exaggerated..  


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