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Pictures Time!

Before I post anything further about my travels in China, here are some eye candies for all of you.

Sheraton Hotel at Haikou (海口), Hainan Island (海南岛)
The sunset view at Haikou.
We had steamboat for dinner. Those look like worms, don't they? They're actually pipefish.
Beach at Haikou
On the highway back to the villa in Haikou
My aunt's villa in Haikou
Development in Haikou isn't bad right? Notice the "twin towers" of Haikou?
How about a dinner on board a ship? It is a real ship that will take you on a short trip to enjoy the night view of Haikou while you are having dinner.
The development of Haikou is admirable.

The Huang Hua Gang (黄花岗) Mausoleum (Guangzhou [广州]), to commemorate the 72 martyrs who died during the Chinese Revolution of 1911
At the Huang Hua Gang Mausoleum, near the exit.
Visiting an ex-bombing site in Guangzhou. (Tunneling through!)
View of Guangzhou from Er-Sha Island (二沙岛).

Is your mouth watering?
Lovely soup! really liked it!
Some sort of mushroom

The tallest tower in Guangzhou: 01信 if I'm not wrong.

A big screen where people gather around (even my dad got interested to it) to watch the evening news and other television programmes. Picture taken at the square of Xia Jiu Road (下九路)
At the square of Xia Jiu Road

There are more pictures. But I'll leave those for some other time together with the description of some interesting highlights of my travels worth talking about here. You'll never know how much you can learn. All pictures were taken using Nokia N70.

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  1. Fusion16 said...

    That is one heck of a villa, man...
    Great pics...  

  2. thwen said...

    Haha, Henry finally posted some of the pictures taken during his trip to China! Good, good!

    And pipefish for a meal? Erm, no thanks. I thought those were strips of tree bark... Haha!  

  3. gungrave1988 said...

    Wow...i'm surprised. Hainan Islands is kind of developed. Btw, how did the pipefish taste like? I'm sure they don't taste like tree bark...Do they?  


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