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He walked off...

free ..

X said he's a nice boy. I would hardly think so. Maybe its because I'm connected to the victim. His family probably think, he's so young, let him free. But if they'd step out as the general member of public. What would a reasonable member of the public say?

He stabbed and slashed her 24 times. Slashed her face, from one eye, past her nose, right down her cheeks. Stabbed somewhere almost to her heart, then slashed her back when she turned to close the door to the toilet, where she died, bleeding from the 24 stabs and slashes.

He was 13. What makes a 13 year old do things like these? Tell me? Seriously... There is something seriously mentally wrong with this boy, I dont know whether some bad spirit took over his mind or he's just inborn with this instict, but eventhough its been 5 years, I hardly think its enough for a person to be reformed. People who go in for killing, come out after decades and still kill.

If they'd just do something like put him under parole and constant mental checks it will help determine whether he's actually ok in the head down the road. It seems like justice isnt doing well in trying to avoid future calamities. Seriously... it's endangering everyone else out there to let him just walk out free with no strings attached.

I'm seriously sorry for those related to this fella, but as another member of the public, I wouldnt want me of my child grow up to live in such a society with people with such backgrounds walk scotch free.

Blame it on her? She's playful I know, but shes nice too. She was with me just a few days before that happened. She was sitting on my lap, playing around and joking with me, I know well enough. The newspaper plastered all facts to state that she was a bully. Thats because the boy is still ALIVE, she's NOT and she cant defend what she said or did not say. BIAS judgement. They make it in such a way that states as though she asked for it.

Can you imagine, if you son/daughter calls someone fatty. Fine, scold the kid, the other kid prolly gets pissed and says something bad back, but to stab 24 times. Now if you think he deserves to be free and that he's ok in the head... okay... Whatever but fine, think you as a kid, would you stab a person 24 times, slash her face, try to stab her in the heart just because she calls you that? No? Precisely, only a person with something reaaaallly wrong would.

Would you kill a person because he/she called you fatty? ? ? ?

If they would actually monitor him, it would be acceptable.

He hid the weapon, he knew what he did was wrong, he fled from the scene, they convicted him, but what happened, ... the courts cant sentence the boy, because the Child Act 2000 doesnt provide for them to do so.... .... zzzz

Karpal Singh, one defending him agrees too, that the laws should be ammended. Dont you see that as this case sets precedence to the fact that minors can get away free for murder by spending a short period of time, comparatively to adults.

Dont you see that it gives the impression that people can ask kids to murder in their place, and there is possibilty for all parties to walk free just within a few years?

think, you say its absurd, but there are many opportunists out there!!

I do know the fact that there will be people opposing my statement here. Its important to see both sides, but I dont think there's any way for me to be less pissed with the judgement. Even the lowest of sentences, freaking parole couldnt be placed upon him. Its not much to ask for. But hey, ...

*insert cynical comment here*

RIP Mei Fong, its almost 5 years since then.
p.s. something is wrong with my browser, so if the post looks weird then do tell me =_="

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    You said you knew the child...
    I am sorry for your loss...

    Many who Die deserve life, and many who live deserve death, dare you chose their fate?
    -Gandalf, Moria Crossroads, The Fellowship-  

  2. joe said...

    i kinda agree with u... if he were 2 b given a 2nd chance, i'd say he should b put on parole.. but seriously. he should b checked 2 c if he's really mentally stable  

  3. Shine said...
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  4. Shine said...


    I have no comments.



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