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C++ ( :-s)

Yesterday, I had a really long chat with Jared about C++ programming. Well, it happens to be one of the questions for my next mini project and most of my friends said that this question is easy. So, I turned to Jared for advice. It was like 'C++ Made Easy for Dummies'. I don't learn this in my syllabus. So, definitely, it will be hard for me since I have no background knowledge like IT students. The worst part, it is a Physics project and I can't at all relate it to Physics. Maybe, I've missed out something, like a puzzle missing a piece. But in my case, a puzzle; missing a lot of pieces.

Perhaps you guys can give me some pointers on how I can work this out. (Thanks Jared for helping). I think I need more guidance from different individuals with different opinions. This is probably one of my biggest nightmare... :S *Trying to look on the bright side...*

Design a program using C/C++ to determine the total marks, grade and academic position of each student in a class.
Given the following input data:
No. of students: 20
No. of subjects: 5
Marks range: 75 – 100 => A
65 – 74 => B
50 – 64 => C
40 – 49 => D
39 and below => F

The crashing of the airplane in Brazil seem to trouble me. Killing nearly 200 people, I sometimes wonder the burden held by the pilot. Is it heavier than a doctor's or is it not?

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  1. Henry Yew said...

    Do you need help with the programming part then? For Jared and I, designing that program to do just that wouldn't be so hard after we've learnt all sorts of tricks for it.  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Good luck! i don't know nuts bout programming so i won't say more... ;P  

  3. Esther said...

    Thanks Henry, I think I've got thre programming part done already. My friend's friend did it for me. The tricky part is to find how it is related to Physics because it is mostly related to Maths. So yeah, thanks...

    Arbitary Juggernaut, same here. I know nothing bout programming too. That's why I feel so noob-ish. lol  


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