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Saturday the 14th

"Interestingly, I wasn't at home resting on Saturday, as I went out for a photoshoot in KLCC with friends Melissa and Ken Ming. I shall update about that tomorrow, or on Friday."

As mentioned, and as promised, I'm here to blog about Saturday the 14th. Generally, the day started with much hurrying to be punctual (though it wasn't until much later that the photoshoot began), and ended with also much hurrying to get home and then rest my entire body. The weight of the camera caused my hands, arms and shoulders to ache, while the walking and bad posture added toil on my feet. I remembered a clear picture of me waking up around 2 in the afternoon to discover that I slept for an alarming period of 13 hours!

Anyway, I shall not go into much detail as certain opinions are meant not to be disclosed, and the captions therefore, will hopefully compensate for the absence of 'granny-esque' stories that occupy bandwidth while testing your patience.

DSC_3803 copy
The view from Pasar Seni LRT station.

DSC_3823 copy
As Ade could not make it for the photoshoot, I had my hippo plushie with me!

DSC_3846 copy
The tree-climbing attempt.

DSC_3850 copy
Apparently, this tree is haunted. A Chinese uncle spotted us taking pictures of it, and claimed that we would be able to see 3 faces after developing the 'film'. What do you have to say about this, eh?

DSC_3856 copy
Melissa kindly lent me her 50mm f/1.8 for T+E. Although, the focal length isn't really 50mm after the 1.5x crop factor, but it's sharp, and fast. I should get myself one real soon.... =P

DSC_3871 copy
Kids on a field trip. Melissa had her D70 on a tripod a few metres behind me, so some of the kids were probably looking at her... And seriously, when was the last time we had to place hands on shoulders while lining up? Ages!

DSC_3876 copy
None other than one of the aspiring photographers, and one of the most photographed building in KL.

DSC_3885 copy
This is what you get with 75mm (from where I stood). I had to swap and use the kit lens again at the widest point to get the entire twin towers in the frame.

DSC_3895 copy
I shot something similar back in January, but this is an exception. Melissa's in orange, far left, while Ken Ming's in white, far right. That said, I'm the one in the middle...

DSC_3909 copy
If I'm not mistaken, this was taken with the 50mm lens. I like the bokeh, and it is certainly something that my point-and-shoot fails to capture!

DSC_3913 copy
Ken Ming and his dad's Canon EOS 400D (partly hidden from view).

DSC_3940 copy
One of the kids in the wading pool. Oh goodness! It was not easy to set fill-in flash! When I got it too bright, everything looked washed out. When I got it too dark, it's redundant as the eyes of my subjects (sounds like a science experiment, I know) were like dead sockets (ugly shadows). But when I do get it right, I'm happy!

DSC_3974 copy
Haha! Fishing in KLCC pool!

After a rather disappointing morning in KLCC park, Ken Ming insisted that we take a cab to Pudu- where we had lunch, and visited YL Camera in Pudu Plaza. Melissa haven't been there yet heard much about it, so we were there but not for long.

DSC_3992 copy
Signs I.

DSC_3994 copy
Signs II.

DSC_4012 copy
My lunch of Gong Po Chicken in Vinz. Taken with bounced flash from the ceiling and 50mm lens.

(Oh and I met my juniors from high school there)

DSC_4032 copy
I spotted this huge crate (I think) of liquor bottles in the backlane of a restaurant, and liked the gold labeled bottle the most. It rained during lunch hour, and those droplets of rain made those bottles gleamed. This was focused manually as I found that the auto-focus thing confused itself too easily. More control with manual anyway!

DSC_4033 copy
Another shot of Melissa. I don't know whether her skin colour would look weird in other screens, especially those of CRT monitors, as colours were optimised for LCD screens...

DSC_4059 copy
Mini radio- no bigger than a teapot.

DSC_4062 copy
Old school hair salon.

DSC_4067 copy
Mr. Security Guard. This was shot from the hip. The picture is noisy when inspected closely, but never mind...

DSC_4074 copy
Desmond of YL Camera. Ish! If only I compose the picture less tightly! And that's Melissa's D70. According to the boss, the D70's shutter count expired, and right after the 'inspection', the camera couldn't record a single picture! Freaky!

DSC_4085 copy
Hawker food stall outside of Pudu Plaza.

DSC_4124 copy
Paw prints all over a white Kancil parked nearby Cheras Leisure Mall. I was there to get my PUK Code after the handphone incident that made me extremely difficult to contact for a week. I couldn't even contact anyone via phone either!

DSC_4127 copy
My ticket.

DSC_4142 copy
Neighbour's dog.

DSC_4221 copy
Neighbour's kids.

DSC_4259 copy
And yes, my brother's white school shoes.

That's about it for today's blog update. I have a photoshoot with Ade tomorrow morning, and I've got to get a good night's sleep from all the late nights in front of my laptop. I shall be back on Saturday night, or Sunday to continue my blog updates of the past.

Cheers, Hui Wen

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    Sooooo cuddly! >.<

    Dare i say that ure seriosly getting better... Waiting for you to open up one of those art photo galleries at this point... :D  

  2. gungrave1988 said...

    Yeah, the purple hippo was cute! Looks like it had its own adventure own little adventure on Saturday the 14th. Going through jungles, crossing the desert & even went for fishing. Did it catch anything? Really nice & clear pictures! Love it. (^__^)  

  3. thwen said...

    Art photo galleries? Oh, someday lah... If I ever can be that good... =)

    Oh, it did caught something. Except that something is jaspreet + brian. Have to keep this singular as my English is substandard, hehe.  

  4. gungrave1988 said...

    [thwen]....What? Me + jaspreet? (=__=)""""  

  5. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Eh? Me n' Brian?
    What talking, you?


  6. thwen said...

    Okay, okay... There's nothing, but I just wanted to have the right grammar (My grammar sucks, by the way). Well, I apologise...  


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