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my friend rachel, with the doll during Inter-School Drama Competition

my drama teacher was like telling the drama team about his hope for us to perform for the school. i cant wait. i just cant wait to show everybody my talents. hohohoh... :p

anyway, something funny happened yesterday.

so i went to school right, the usuals, monday blues and all. heavy bag filled with TONS of books. then out of the blue, the school speaker started talking, "attention to all form 5 and upper 6, please proceed to the school hall with your chairs and notebooks."

now, we knew it was some motivation talk. so as boring as that sounds, we kinda felt happy because, duh, NO CLASS!

usually, motivational talks would only last until recess. but when the motivator told us that we'll be there till school ends, our jaws literally dropped! "crap! this is going to be HEELLLLLLL..."

but then again, the motivational talk wasnt all bad. in fact, it was kind of interesting, since the motivator is really charismatic and all. we loved him, and he, loved us.

i mean, seriously... have you ever meet any motivator who would use a sharp knife to explain to us what bravery is???? its crazy i know.

ANYWAY, im gonna do my FIRST VBLOG, but i dont know what topic should i talk about. so i need your help.

help me pick which of the following topics i should talk about...

01 Jasmine's top 5 favorite items
02 Jasmine's all time collections
03 Jasmine's favorite places to hang

my vblog will be uploaded here, as well as my blog.

choose people!!!!

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    My choice is...


    # 02 Jasmine's all time collections.

    Looking forward to the vlog! ;)  


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