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As I haven't been blogging regularly for the past week, I shall be posting blog updates from the 'past' to keep this journal of mine, well, simply updated. So I shall begin from where I left- the 13th of July, which was also a Friday (Friday the 13th indeed!). It was also the 2nd day of having Jen Ric's 'beaten up D50' with me.

DSC_3500 copy
Out of campus: Bawanie

The first half of that Friday was spent in college, where I was trying not to fall asleep in the middle of law, while the second half, was spent in Subang Jaya with college-mates- Cheong, Lahveenya, Bawanie, Lidya, Ann, Paul, Kanchana and Vinnash. We intended to attend the finals of Taylor's Law Debate, which featured Taylor's College vs. MMU, and when I say 'intended', I meant 'was initially supposed to attend, full stop'.

And that ('was initially supposed to attend, full stop') certainly did not include a detour of any sort. What happened was this: we went through not only a tiny detour, but a tiny detour plus a chapter of the Amazing Race (where we had to reach the Taylor's College Subang Jaya campus, and NOT the PJ campus as published in the RAGE)!

DSC_3529 copy
In The KTM: Lidya

DSC_3541 copy
The wrong stop to the wrong campus.

DSC_3560From left: Kanchana, Lidya, Ann, Lahveenya, and Bawanie.

From left: Kanchana, Lidya, Me, Lahveenya and Bawanie.

DSC_3578 copy
A candid shot of Lidya and Ann. They were trying to access GPRS or something.

Anyone who knows me well enough would probably say I was mad at the entire chapter, and yes, I was indisputably mad. However, I did attempt to keep my spirits up, and not make the issue of spilt milk an even bigger issue than it is, by singing classics with Bawanie, and snapping photos. As it was my first time with a DSLR and without a freaking manual, I didn't know how to fully operate the features available, but hey, I have to say on-the-field handling teaches more than reading the manual tenths of time would!

DSC_3602 copy
An interesting debate (which, by the way, we missed everything except the 3rd Opposition's speech, reply speeches and award ceremony). And this shot is poorly-executed... *sighs*

DSC_3626 copy
Friends from high school that were there too.

DSC_3685 (2)
Group shot of all of us, taken by the camera's self-timer. The camera was placed on a mountain of bags that acted as a tripod... Front row, from left: Lidya, Ann, Bawanie, Lahveenya and Cheong. Back row, from left: Me, Kanchana, Paul, and Vinnash.

All-in-all, I was immensely exhausted after racing around Subang. The weight of a DSLR and flashgun was obviously staggering compared to my compact point-and-shoot's, but I did had fun experimenting with bounced flash during the finals (though I wished I wasn't that stupid to have set ISO levels at 1600 and having noisy indoor pictures in the end).

Outdated magazines for half (or more) the price. The uncle who was selling them reminded me to pay him if I'm using my shots of his goods for commercial reasons.


DSC_3698 copy
Through the grills. Ran a Lomo action on this shot for something called T+E.

DSC_3701 copy
Read the signs!

Also, thank goodness for the ride home by Paul. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get up the following morning due to worn out feet and a sore back. Interestingly, I wasn't at home resting on Saturday, as I went out for a photoshoot in KLCC with friends Melissa and Ken Ming. I shall update about that tomorrow, or on Friday.

DSC_3751 copy
My youngest brother, dancing to 'Stayin' Alive' by the Bee Gees.

Cheers, Hui Wen

P.S. The team from Taylor's won the debate.

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