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- Albert

The Iraq War started in 2003.
Yesterday the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown showed that he deserves no respect at all. The world owes a debt to the United States for its leadership in the fight against international terrorism, Gordon Brown has said. What an obscene statement! The US under the reckless chickenhawk Bush administration has only led the world headlong into an increase in terrorism. Nobody owes a debt to a nation that has imperiled us all.

According to many sources the Iraq war has caused a sevenfold increase in terrorism. Yes, a sevenfold increase! To make matters worse they were no terrorist Iraq in the first place before the war. Using the false pretenses of supposed weapons of mass destruction under the preemptive strike doctrine brought about to destroy terrorist they (America and gang) invaded Iraq. The deposed and executed Saddam Hussien but left utter chaos behind. Civil wars are raging in Iraq. Terrorists now call Iraq the University of Terrorism (they attended terrorism school in Afghanistan). Baghdad is now the murder capital in the world. Even the humanitarian situation is worse than before the war. I call it total mission failure!

One war and America (Bush Administration) has lost its right to lead the world against terrorism (until they redeem themselves). To make matters even more dire the terrorist are back in Afghanistan ready to bounce back. These terrorist are now attacking the NATO forces there. They even control some parts of Afghanistan. You can blame opium or anything else but if America sent only troops to Afghanistan no such nonsense would have occurred.

To hell with Bush for he imperiled us all by emboldening terrorists! The world owes nothing to America but they owe us a blood debt that can never be paid.

P.S: This post is another reason why I hate politicians so much.

~multum in parvo~

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  1. joe said...

    sevenfold?? Avenged Sevenfold!!! yeah!!!  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    Well i guess when u launch a war against something that didn't exist in the first place, that somethings will eventually manifest itself...

    *sigh* will we ever learn?  

  3. Shine said...

    Avenged Sevenfold FTW!!!

    Blinded in Chains, yeah!!! w00t w00t!!!

    Back to the topic, yeap,
    Bush Suxx0r.
    Terrorism Suxx0r.
    Politicians Suxx0r. (Politics is beautiful)

    Question is: wtf can we do about it?  

  4. thwen said...

    Politics IS everywhere. Full stop.  

  5. joe said...

    Blinded In Chains.. marvelous!

    But "Bat Country" still rocks my socks off!!!

    *sticks tongue out devilishly*  

  6. Comrade Cripple said...

    (Shine): Participate in the WWW. Pull as much weight as possible to influence the world. When everyone does that then we'll have a new world order.

    (thwen): Bravo!

    (arbitary juggernaut): Too bad, the world has lots of people who ought to burn.

    P.S: Most politicians are going straight to hell.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  7. Shine said...

    WWW as in World Wide Web?

    Hahaha... dared not comment on that.

    Chances are, the new world order will either screw us up even more, or is gonna be pure anarchy.  


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