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discriminate me then.

courtesy of Anniecounie

if there’s one thing i hate, its discrimination. by race, gender, age, body size, sexual profile, capability etcetc. i hate it sooo much. i find people who discriminate are total losers. especially when they started to get very mean and being such an asshole.

just like this one group which was shamelessly created by a bunch of schoolmates of mine after getting inspired by telling the whole world about their hatred towards a fellow classmate due to his sexual profile. sure he might be outspoken. but you dont have to be mean.

anyway, i went to the group and got apart of it because i want to write about my opinions regarding a topic saying that Sissys are the main AIDS transmitter. and all the sudden, some of them was being nasty with me coz they said im some spy or something (its HILARIOUS!) because im like really close with the guy.

go read.

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  1. Henry Yew said...

    You know, Jasmine. Those people in that Anti-Gay group, they're such suckers.

    Nothing against these people who are anti-gay. But really, how shallow their minds are!  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Marina Mahathir lamented that in the eyes of the censors gays/lesbians must be disowned by their families.
    It's really sad that officially homosexuals are scum.

    Also ponder about racist institutions worldwide.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  3. jasminerajah said...

    hahaha yes they are a bunch of suckers arent they? and they are totally shallow-minded people, you can tell just by talking to them and by hearing them rant about stupid stuff. unfortunately, i have to bear with them. heh.

    yea i know. heh. its a sad thing.  

  4. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    RS Dad: That-Is-Dis-Gusting. Indians Should not be gay! Do you know them?

    Russell Peters: No dad, why would i know them?

    RS Dad: Because they're of "The Gay" , and you're in the entertainment business...


    I have many gay friends... and they are mostly very respectable people (shine and albert for instance)

    But seriously. So what if you're an ass pounder? Just don't pound mine and im a happy man... ;P  

  5. Comrade Cripple said...

    (arbitrary juggernaut): We (you, Shine & me) should get together sometime for you know what........... You're also gay right?  

  6. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


  7. Shine said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. Shine said...

    Screw the both of you, figuratively. I wasn't here for a few days and everyone takes a chance to stab my arse.

    Anyways, regarding discrimination. Personally, I would not label discriminators as 'scums' or people who are being discriminated 'pitiful'.

    There must obviously be a reason why people discriminate, regardless of how personal/stupid they may seem.

    For example, regarding my experience in NS, a LOT of Chinese literally hate the Malays. Why?

    ... I wish not elaborate further due to the fact that it is stated in the Constitution that their special rights should not be questioned.

    But it makes you wonder...
    50 years after the independence.
    We are in the third/fourth generation since then. Doesn't that make us ALL Malaysians then? Regardless of our race?

    Shouldn't we have equal rights then?

    If we are moving towards globalization, shouldn't we be united in our own country before being united worldwide?

    Regarding gays, homosexuals, and lesbians, its another battle of rights vs religion. Similar to the battle regarding evolution (science vs religion), as Henry elaborated, its another never ending battle if neither sides back down.

    Conclusion: discrimination will always exist. In a way, there is nothing we can do about it, as its part of human nature.  


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