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Just get it straight, my whole Audio/Visual entertainment collection was amassed through dowloading using the BitTorrent protocol (BitTorrent is not a computer program).

Now let's go on with the guide.

BitTorrent uses torrents (something like download links) to download files hosted on a server somewhere. Almost any kind of file can be downloaded using Bittorrent from entire albums to movies

How do I use torrents?

First of all you will need a BitTorrent client or put simply, a program that opens "torrents” to start the download. It's not that complicated really. There is a huge range of bittorent clients to use.

I would recommend you guys to use µTorrent (click to go to the download page) as it has one of the simplest interface. You can check out the µTorrent website for more extensive information. I personally use Azureus which is feature and resource heavy and not to mention complicated, so I don't recommend it.

With a BitTorrent client now torrents can be used. It's pretty simple, first you search for torrents of files you want. You download these torrents and open them using your BitTorrent client. Your client will then prompt you to specify where to download the file. Once you are finished with that your file will start downloading.

Where do I search for torrents?

Simply use Scrape Torrent to search for all your torrents. Scrape Torrent has extensive results for many albums, movies, manga, anime, TV shows etc. Also remember that torrents with full health ensures speedy downloads.

That's it. Any questions? I'm not a good guide writer so don't bother if my guide is a pain and of course your comments will help me improve my guide writing skill.

By the way, I'm not responsible for any advertisements you encounter. Remember to ignore them and never ever click on them.


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  1. Brian said...

    Thanks for the BitTorrent guide. Now I'm downloading like crazy. Hehe. :)  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Thanks. BitTorrent rules!!!!  

  3. Generic Pharmacy said...

    Now let's go on with the guide.  


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