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A Tibetan polyandry family

According to this BBC News article by 2020 there will be 30 million men of marriageable age who will not able to find a wife in China. The cause of this imbalance is the barbaric and chauvinistic practice of aborting female foetuses. Since mainland Chinese can only have one child they want a son.

Why? Simply because girls are not treasured as they cannot continue the family name, are seen as lesser to boys etc. The gist of it is many Chinese have a chauvinistic and sexist view about women.

(Proof: My grandmother was not able to attend secondary school in favour of her brothers. My back neighbour adopted a son to pass on his business because his only natural children are girls.)

Not only there are too many men in China, school girls are becoming more aggressive due to the influence of too many boys.

The mainland Indians are no different. In Punjab especially, (I mean no offence to Sikhs), female infanticide is commonplace. Having a surplus of men they import brides from other areas. Indians view girls as a liability because in India dowry is paid by the brides family.

Female infanticide is just merciless, I'm ashamed of my kind in China. Luckily for us nobody in Malaysia is primitive enough to kill little girls in favour of little boys.

My conclusion is that in order solve the problem of too many men, I would suggest polyandry! As girls become more aggressive men will have to give in to them, making polyandry ideal!

See you!

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  1. Melanie said...

    Then those men have to gay la?
    I think i better marry early before all the good men are taken by both sexes.  

  2. joe said...

    [melanie]: rotflmao. u're lucky tts in china  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    Yeah, you're lucky that's in China... otherwise I'd be wondering if you'll ever get a good man.... *looks like there's one actually (no, I don't mean me)*  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    Well I suppose the men can be gay but people cannot be forced to be gay. Some are born hetrosexual. I also see that in China bisexuals are screwed.  

  5. Melanie said...

    There was once i thought i was a bisexual! Hahaha..  

  6. Anonymous said...

    that what you get for going hysterical that the world is over populating. and allowing abortions for petty reasons.
    simple solution, remove the 1 child per family rule.
    second step tighten abortion laws.
    at the rate their going there will be more homosexual relationships
    and the already high HIV level will rocket further sky high  


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