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Hey people! Just in case any of you noticed, I haven't been posting for quite a while. But now it's official, I'm back to posting. Shoutout to StMaverick... Sorry for the short abscence dude. To everyone else, Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Anyways, this is one of the few times when I'm actually free or either have nothing to do. Got back to JB about 2 days ago by an 8-hour bus trip. It's rare I have any holidays nowadays. My gosh, it's still the beginning of the semester and I'm thinking about the end of it already.

I haven't really been doing anything really "Chinese New Year-ish" though. Besides eating reunion dinner and receiving financial stimulus from my relatives and trying to make full use of it while I'm still not married. What do you guys do during Chinese New Year anyways? Mind sharing a little about your holidays? or how fat your wallets have been getting?

'Til next time, I'm gonna go eat some snacks now... I am getting really hungry and really irritable.

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  1. thwen said...

    Hey Joe!

    Is that your handwriting?  

  2. Henry Yew said...

    Quote from my Geology tutor: "That's a good question".  

  3. joe said...


    haha. nope, my hand writing's way worse. :P  

  4. Henry Yew said...

    [joe]: Way worse? Well, perhaps to you but to me, your handwriting is at least more legible than those scribbles in that poster.

    Personally, I prefer your handwriting, because at least your words are in a line, though small, but clear. If you give me lines of those scribbles to read, I'd end up irritated.  


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