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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

To-Do List

13 authors on 1 blog. Even I can't really believe it yet, myself.

There are a number of things that cannot be delayed any further, and must be completed ASAP. Here's what I'd planned to do once RANDTS was open:

0. Blog!
Note: obviously, but the only reason I put this in is because some people would mistake my omission as dismissing it as 'not important'.

1. Find a new template.
Note: done, choosing the K2 Template, converted from WordPress to Blogger. Yeah, Hui Wen, it's got a white background. =)

2. Modify template to suit RANDTS' needs (includes changing font & colour schemes).
Note: in progress.

3. Design a banner for the new template (to replace the original K2 banner).

4. Create buttons based on the colour scheme for RANDTS.

5. Apply the completed template to RANDTS.

6. Go all out with promotional marketing efforts!
Note: in progress, even though the others haven't been completed.

This is... sort of a call for help, with relations to 3. and 4. - anyone can help me try out a number of banner/button designs while I tweak with the template? The banner's size should be 760 x 200 pixels, preferably 72dpi. The colour scheme of the new template would be probably quite similar to the one we're using now.

Button sizes are up to you, but I suggest using the Blogger button at the bottom of our page as a guideline, roughly 88 x 30 pixels, also 72dpi (more wouldn't be too bad though). The colour scheme of the button is up to you, but whatever colours you use on one button should match one another. *wink*

Let me know if you're planning to start working on any of the above by leaving a comment to this post. Non-RANDTSters are also invited to contribute, and your work will be acknowledged (most gratefully, I must add). My e-mail is in my Blogger profile. Now, I'm off to continue my work.

~verus rara avis~

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