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On Ethics

Now that we're back to university life as usual (I'm referring to those in UTP; I don't know about the others. Maybe you're still having your holidays), we can expect loads of assignments piling up on our tables. Nevertheless, I insist on having my own time to do things that I want to do despite knowing that there is work awaiting.

Joe has written about the student who defied authority during the briefing by the Education Sponsorship Unit of PETRONAS. On a personal note, it simply shows the type of mentality or attitude that some people have, that is disregarding authority. If I were the Head of the ESU Department, I would have tried to find out who that idiotic student was and revoke his sponsorship for his act of defiance. If he cannot even show some respect as a young adult, how would you expect him to show his utmost respect while working? I hate to say this, but if I were the Head of the ESU Department, I would be disappointed at the wrong choice that the department had made in recruiting this potato-head (pardon my harshness) as a PETRONAS scholar.

However, this is not my topic of this post. From the incident which happened during the ESU briefing, I'd like to discuss on the issue of ethics. True enough, different nations have different ethics and may not comply to those that we have here, but I insist that it is only courteous and right that a person from another country learns up the culture and the ethics that are practised here, as the saying goes that "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

In Australia, getting a permanent resident status is not as easy as it seems to be. In many countries, after settling down for at least five years or so, that particular individual deserves the right to apply for a permanent resident-ship, but in Australia, every applicant is required to sit for a test about the culture, ethics and the background knowledge of the Australian community.

But why is ethics so important? Basically, ethics keep us from doing things that will be considered offensive in the eyes of other people. Ethics mould the character that will be embedded in us as part of our personality. Ethics keep you from invading other people's privacy. Ethics enable you to identify whether or not your actions are appropriate.

Here, our ethics are basically covered in our Moral studies since primary school. We are thought on the values of respect, compassion, generosity, responsibility, justice, etc. Of course, there are other types of ethics that are not included in our Moral studies, but are practised for humanitarian purposes. I do not think I need to elaborate on this so much because all of you should understand about the importance of our basic Moral values as well as the keeping of human rights and other types of rights.

Some people merely think that ethics are not necessary. They don't understand how wrong their thought can be, especially when it involves the job market. Ethics are one of the most important elements that keep companies running and allow the influx of profits to keep coming in. Without ethics, we would have disputes or arguments between employees and even with employers, and we'll end up practising the Machiavellian principle, with the thought that whatever is done for the benefit of oneself is justified, no matter what the means is.

Do not take the issue of ethics so lightly. Do not think that you could get away so easily even if you break the code of ethics just a little. The impact is great, because by breaking the code of ethics just a little, you are actually sparking a reaction from the whole crowd, who thinks that the particular action is entirely out of the norm. When something is out of the norm, it could mean that it is something new which is acceptable by society, or otherwise. If it is unacceptable by the society, it would mean that the code of ethics has been broken. Society looks at ethics in a very serious manner. We may be applauding at a particular individual for his or her daring feat, but in our hearts, we know that they are just inviting their doom for not conforming to the code of ethics.

Though we have all the right not to conform with other people, but when it comes to matters such as ethics, it is best that you display some sensitivity and consider your actions first, especially from the point of view of ethics. It is important that these questions be answered before attempting to do anything:

  1. Will I be offending anybody in particular with my actions?
  2. Is it the appropriate time and place to carry out my intentions?
  3. What could be the consequences of my actions?

When it comes to ethics, you cannot afford to be ignorant. Ignorance is no defence. So to those who are in favour of keeping with the ethics, kudos! For those who would still want to defy the ethics (such as that idiotic one during the ESU briefing yesterday), I wish you the best of luck. Maybe you wish to show the world that you are great, but in our eyes, you are just a mere fool.

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  1. Maverick said...

    Perhaps the failings of the youth can be attributed partially to that of the adults. Rare it is now to find a Good Samaritan, and many just throw ethics out the window entirely for their own aims. There's a reason why kids are supposed to "do as daddy says, not as daddy does"...

    ~verus rara avis~  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    How many people at the pinnacles of power who are actually ethical? Name me one! Politics just disillusions me you see. Money and power are just the root of all evil.  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    [Maverick]: I agree...

    [Comrade Cripple]: Hmmm... there is one whom I can name of. I'm quite certain that he is one of the most ethical politicians known in the country.

    His name is Tan Sri Dato' Lee Lam Thye.  


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