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Sometimes, people come up with something so cool and funky that it just has to be shown around to everyone you know. You are not going to believe what this thing is.

The JLr7 - named so because of the first four LED lights.

Ha! Can you guess what it is? Probably the shape gave it away - it's a wristwatch, or more specifically, the JLr7 model by e35. I found this on TokyoFlash Japan and apparently, once you get round to how the watch works, just about anyone can tell time with it.

It works this way: the top 12 lights mark the number of hours, the next three show the number of quarter-hours, the following 14 designate the number of minutes in addition to the number of quarter-hours, and the last three lights are just to show the seconds ticking past.

Hence, if the time was 10.25, the watch would read so:

Picture by

Pretty neat, huh? For more about this awesome watch (as well as the instruction sheet on how it works in more detail), check this article out, and this one at Neomeme. Now I wonder what kind of technological marvels Malaysia'll produce. Anything comparable to this one?

~verus rara avis~

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  1. joe said...

    kinda hard 2 read d time tho. if i owned tt watch i tink id need some adjusting. lol  


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