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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

The arrival

Greetings fellow RANDTSters!! Seems like I'm the only one who hasn't post a thing albeit being named as one of the 13 RANDTSters, thousand apologize as it's really been a crazily packed week for me. My first post this week is of course dedicated to R.A.N.D.T.S.

First and foremost, I would like to say "Hi!!!" *waves ecstatically* to all the RANDTSters, readers and bloggers out there!! And Jared, thank you so much for the invitation! I knew my blogging is no where near all of the RANDTSters standard, proficiency in language & also topic coverage wise - I was in awe as I carefully read through each and every post! It's definitely a great place to get acquainted with people from different places, share our stories, thoughts - and also something beyond our daily encounters. My intuition tells me that R.A.N.D.T.S. is capable of becoming an influential blog. I guess when all of RANDTSters unite, nothing is implausible.

Before I go further, let me do a brief introduction of myself. Well, I'm wenLi from Land of Hornbills - Sarawak, currently residing in Kuching. I've started blogging since late 2004 & has developed from "once in a week update on petty stuff" to an avid blogger who spends at least 2 hours on blogs related everyday. I was actually influenced by my sister to start my own blog, Life as a kid. One thing's for sure, I didn't know much about group blog, bloghopping, or cuztomisation of blogs back then - it was kept to myself and well quite dead and boring, but my interest propelled early 2005 after I've started to read influential blogs and you know what? I couldn't stop since then.

To me, blogging enables self discovery and improvement. It's trained me to be more observant, careful when I pen down my thoughts and to think out of the ordinary. Especially in terms of writing. I'd noticed a big change there in comparison to my first few entries. I've also earned myself number of friends in the blogsphere. What can I say? I've earned more than I'd expected. Like what an accounting student would say, this is a profitable investment.

Yea, I was a student from Science stream but I'd given up on it & decided to choose accounting (CAT/ACCA) as my tertiery education route. Still, I can't say that this is my sole destiny. It's not exactly a road not taken - but definitely a path I've not walked for a while. So far so good I must say. I also love music, plays some instrument but my skill is hanging bare at the moment. Other than that, I guess I'm just an ordinary girl who loves to talk, shop, gossip, the usual.

Okay, guess that's all for now. If you wish to know more about me, feel free to add me in Friendster, MSN Messenger etc. (Just head on to my profile and it'll lead you to my email.)

Once again, it's a pleasure to be part of R.A.N.D.T.S., a proud RANDTSter!!

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