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This article from the Star really caught my eye. Here's the whole thing.

KUALA TERENGGANU: She meticulously jotted down every single secret tryst and over a period of four years, the 19-year-old school-leaver had compiled four diaries filled with scandalous stories.Her luck ran out on Tuesday when her 26-year-old sister inadvertently discovered the diaries while cleaning a wardrobe in their home in Setiu, 69km from here.

The housewife was enthralled by her teenage sister's juicy stories involving “a tall moustachioed man with seductive eyes” who sneaked into the room and took off her clothes almost every night while the others were sleeping. Her awe turned to shock and outrage when she discovered that mysterious man was her own husband.The teenager had apparently listed all the “naughty things” that the man, a hospital attendant, had done to her and even wrote down the lewd jokes he told her.Entries in the diaries revealed that the man had entered her room using a duplicate key for the first time in December 2003 when she ws 15-year-old schoolgirl.

The teenager's incensed sister took her to the police station where she lodged a police report. In her report, the teenager claimed that her brother-in-law had outraged her modesty several times over the past four years and had also attempted to rape her once. State Deputy CID chief Supt Khairi Ahrasa said a 31-year-old man had surrendered himself to the police after the report was lodged.

This case is very, very interesting. It's obvious the girl wasn't raped. Nobody gets raped and writes all the explicit details about in a diary. She must have really enjoyed being pleasured by her brother-in-law to have written about every single secret tryst and over a period of four years.

I'm also so amazed that the girl's sister did not know that her husband had been shagging his 15 year old sister-in-law. I wonder why that woman trusted her husband so much not to get suspicious about his nightly room exits. Well too bad that man had a nymphomaniac mistress who couldn't resist writing down their nights of passion. Now he's going to face charges of adultery, sexual assault, rape and statutory rape. He has thrown he's life away all because of lust.

I wonder what are the naughty things this two lust driven lovers did and what would happen now to the girl now............

*P.S. : I think the diaries would be a smash hit if posted online. Ahahahahahaha!!!

~multum in parvo~

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  1. Anonymous said...

    There was another case of "Incest" in yesterday STAR too. The similarities is that both cases involved one man and two sisters. I am not so sure whether we should clasify these cases as "INCEST"?. The most important point is that the sisters are not related to the man biologically! Hence any product arising from the relationship should be just another NORMAL HUMAN BEING.

    Anyone wants to share his/her view??  

  2. Maverick said...


    Yeah, I saw that case in The Star too. The trouble is, the man you mentioned had sex with his wife's sister, so that makes her his sister-in-law. I know for a fact that if you do it with your immediate relation it counts as incest. But sister-in-law? The only bond they share is that of her sister's earlier marriage to the man.

    Anyone can enlighten us on this? I think we could use some help here.

    @comrade cripple,

    What a world we live in. Silly of her to keep the diaries that way, though. She could've saved it online and password-protected it or something... but it probably was inevitable that they would've been discovered anyway.

    This girl should release the diaries under a pen name... she'll be more famous than any other school leaver ever!! >)

    ~verus rara avis~  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    The lust of youth!

  4. gungrave1988 said...

    WTH!!?! Isn't it unfair for the guy? The girl didn't even say that she hated the guy. Instead she was alright with it....

    [Arbitary juggernaut] LOL (*__*)  

  5. Comrade Cripple said...

    Terrenganu folk voted in PAS before so much for conservativeness.

    [anonymous]: Biologically incest occurs only if blood related relatives have sex. Culturally however carnal knowledge with any close relative regardless of biological closeness is incest.

    [gungrave 1988]: The law states that sex with a minor (under 16) is statutory rape. Under Sharia the man is guilty of zina if he slept with the girl. Altogether the man is just screwed.

    [maverick]: Not everyone is so tech savvy like we RANDTSers..... Lol

    [Arbitary Juggernaut]: =)

    ~multum in parvo~  

  6. Anonymous said...

    @ Comrade Cripple


    I recall having read in the newspaper of cases of "a man marrying two sisters" at one marriage. Cultural incest is really hard to accept for some.  

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